Using the Multi-Let Without the Sweat Guide you will quickly become financially independent.

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  • How to take control of a property without a deposit.

  • How to quickly transform a property without expensive refurb costs.

  • How to make money from property without a crippling mortgage.

  • How to immediately start earning money from rented property!

  • The latest must-read property reports that will change the way you view property investment.

More than 1,000 people have already downloaded this manual and improved their lives using what they learned through Multi-Let Without The Sweat.

About Progressive Property

Progressive Property


Progressive is an innovative and Progressive property investing and Entrepreneur creating company.

Progressive is a personal community for any investor, Entrepreneur or individual wanting make more money, invest or create a better life for freedom, choice and profit. We hope this is you.

Progressive was built by property multi-millionaire Co-Founders Rob Moore & Mark Homer after they achieved freedom, choice & financial independence in their 20’s, to help you achieve the same by following the same system they have now created since 2003.

Through Progressive’s life changing training courses, multimedia CD, DVD & online programmes, network of multi-millionaires and top business-people, investors and community, you can achieve the same too. Or more.

Progressive also help busy people build their portfolios, run local and national property networking events and run a Letting Agency.

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  • This has given me new insight in  how I can still continue with a multi-let strategy but with little initial outlay.

    Jane Beard

  • This is the answer to running out of cash.

    Steve Evans

  • I'd recommend this to anyone who wants immediate cash flow.

    Stephanie Lister

  • It’s great! It allows you to be the middle-man between a Landlord and the tenants, getting all the income from multiple tenants and only having to pay the initial rent to the Landlord. It’s giving me a huge second income for this year’s holidays and is paying for most of my monthly outgoings!

    Stephanie Plastow

  • It is a pleasure to greet you, your site seems very interesting, a great opportunity for a better life, a better world...

    Elena V., Miami

"Multi-Let Without The Sweat"

  • INSTANT Access To The FREE Guide.
  • Learn How To Control Property Without Owning It.
  • Find Property's That Will Cash Flow £1,000 Per Month.

About the Author

Rob is a triple best selling Property Author, public speaker, entrepreneur, multi-million pound Property Investor & businessman, and all by the age of 30. You’d think he’d have a big ego to boot, right? Well read on to judge for yourself…

Rob has helped over 100,000 people since 2006 towards achieving the same, including consulting for many established Multi-millionaires and keynoting at some of the UK’s most important events. But why should you care, and what does it mean to you?

Before all this, and in case you’re wondering, he had no silver spoon and started with credit card debts of over £30,000 in 2005 [braggable debt back then].

And one fateful day in 2005 completely changed everything, there was no turning back. More about that later as you read on.

So let’s rewind back before the wealth. In 2006 by the time Rob was 27, he’d finished University with a completely useless degree from barely a university, he’d been a Landlord in the dying Pub business, and then set up as an artist in a city that didn’t understand his ‘talent’ and couldn’t afford his work. In your posh area you’re probably somewhere between Gucci and Armani, in Rob’s it’s somewhere between Primark and stealing.

Life was drifting away into slow and painful desperation.

You could say Rob was a serial Entrepreneur, or more honestly a serial underachiever. Maybe you can relate to knowing you are destined to achieve so much more?

The debts were compounding fast. The credit card interest was swallowing up the income and more, there was never enough month at the end of the money.

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