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Dear home buyer, property investor, and property sourcer...

Ever felt you were getting left behind whilst others (who are no smarter than you) are getting quietly rich through property investing?

Ever looked on in envy as secretaries, taxi drivers, plumbers and receptionists casually mention their third or fourth rental property? And ever wondered how the hell they did it on their modest salaries? Well...

I’m about to reveal some little known property investing secrets!

This free 3 Disc Audio CD Set reveals the exact techniques that myself and our team at Progressive Property have used for the last 10 years to precisely identify and then buy family homes at up to £25k below their current market value.

Over the course of this easy to follow audio programme you'll uncover 9 simple ways to cash in BIG, FIRST, and FAST on the Buy To Let Boom. (that every beginner investor is currently keen to capitalise on)

If you want to buy your next home knowing you paid a great price, if you want to buy a second or third property for investment (to rent out), or if you’re a full time property investor keen to source below market value property regularly and quickly, then this will be the most important audio guide you listen to in 2017!

But first, I need to tell you what this brand new CD Set is NOT about!

  • This is nothing to do with posting adverts in your local paper or covering your car in ‘I Buy Houses’ stickers to find cheap house
  • This is not about buying houses for a pound, buying under someone else’s name, rent-to-buy or any silly ‘tricks’ or ‘3 step secret formulas'
  • This is not going to show you how to ‘click your fingers’ and ‘make millions overnight’ by buying property. Let’s be realistic, that doesn’t happen. Otherwise everyone would be doing it

The techniques described in this audio programme are smarter than that. And will show you in detail how to quickly build up an expert-level of knowledge about your local area (or any area of the UK in which you’d like to buy a house)…

Allowing you to quickly and easily find and buy good, sound properties well below their market value.

So here's what I'm giving you...

In this 3 Disc CD Set I reveal the pro techniques allowing you access to the type of big property discounts that make you money when you buy.

Imagine how amazing your life could be (and sooner than you might think). Picture this… Instead of money worries and concerns about your retirement, you’re happily engaged in your little ‘part time’ property empire; perhaps about to complete on your fourth rental property.

It’s fun, enjoyable ‘work’ which takes you only a few hours a week. (You’ve probably given up the day job by this point.) Your property portfolio might look a bit like this:

There’s no ‘padding’ to make this CD Set any longer than it needs to be (listen to most how-to guides and you’ll find there’s only about 10% worth writing down… and 5% worth remembering - not the case here!)

I’ve helped hundreds of ordinary people along the pathway to property success so I know you can do it too – but only if you’re willing to meet me half way and learn something new.

And with what I’m prepared to reveal to you about this secrets, I just know you’re going to be excited and raring to go. I should mention this isn’t rocket science! If you’re smart, hungry and motivated, YOU CAN DO THIS!

At just 3 Discs, it’s a quick reference guide that you can listen to in a Sunday afternoon, and once you’ve finished, you’ll know precisely how you can identify and buy property at big discounts in 2017.

Inside this 3 Disc CD Set you will...

  • Discover why and how property can make you wealthy, regardless of experience of cash to start
  • Hear how ordinary people are using our ‘no money left in’ secret to create a legacy property portfolio
  • Learn how professional, sophisticated investors have been doing this for years, and have built £multi-million portfolios on one modest deposit
  • Be taught how to find the perfect properties to invest in, and how to do this even if you have NO SPARE CASH
  • Understand how to repeat the process over and over until you have as large a portfolio as you want.
  • Finally know how to quit your job and start earning some REAL money, and build a legacy for you and your family.

And with these Property Investing secrets, you too can do this...

So here's what you need to do next:

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So what’s the catch?

There isn’t one.

You just pay the postage and we will ship you the book. You will not be charged for anything else.

This free CD Set is just my little way of starting what I hope will be a long and rewarding educational relationship for both of us.

My hope is that once you’ve read it, you’ll implement the strategies inside and get results, like so many have before.

Why you need to act now...

Whilst your CD Set is ready to ship to you now, only 200 copies have been produced to collect feedback.

As I’m sure you can understand, I expect these 200 sets to be taken very quickly.

Remember, you're getting this 3 Disc CD Set free. Just contribute £1.99 towards the cost of the first class UK postage and packaging

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Rob Moore

P.S - About The Author

Rob Moore ‘The Disruptive Property Entrepreneur

I never say any of this to boast, only to assure you that I speak from experience. After very humble beginnings and getting into over £50k of credit card debt as a struggling artist back in 2005, now in 2017 I’m a seven-time best-selling property author, double World Record holder in public speaker, and multi-million pound Property Investor.

I’m proud to say I’ve helped over 160,000 entrepreneurs, since 2007, towards achieving the same, including consulting for many established Multi-millionaires and keynoting at some of the UK’s biggest property events.

The important information I’ve compiled for the first time in this 3 Disc CD Set is the absolute fundamental knowledge that I wish EVERY property buyer would know before buying or managing their first investment property.

I had to learn most of this the hard way. With this CD Set, you'll gain an unfair and valuable advantage over other property investors in your area.

If you've found this page, I urge you to take one of the 200 copies we've produced. You'll be glad you did.