A small selection ofreal Progressive peopleachieving real success through Progressive trainings, mentorship and support. Many from a standing start, many with little previous knowledge or experience and their own personal challenges to overcome. You may be able to relate to many of them. Start your property education today & be inspired by people like you.

Progressive VIP Programme Has Upped Our Property Game

Tash and Karen

Jackie Tomes

Glenn Delve

Anne Houlton

Graeme Swatton

MSOPI Experiences

Aaron Yahaya

Dan Bradbury

Anne Houlton

Luke Hamill

Iain Mcbain

Wendy Whitaker-Large

Stuart Progressive Education Testimonial

Andi Cooke & Lloyd Giradi Property Results

Derek Whatley

Paul Smith

Steve Pratt

Glenn Delve

glen delve

£10M in JV Finance…

Glenn talks to Rob about how he raised a massive 10 Million in JV finance since becoming a PPN Host


Andy Churchill


How my Progressive education has enabled me to bring in over £6,000 a month!


Tracey & Nigel

tracey and nigel

£450k In JV Finance & Our Own Property Business

Tracey & Nigel talk about their amazing success in Property, & how mindset training has helped them achieve their goals


Rob Stewart


£1.5 Million Property Portfolio

Rob Stewart joined VIP to accelerate his career as a property investor. He now has 20 properties and a portfolio worth £1.5m


Marc Nicholson


Ex DJ Becomes Millionaire…

Find out how Marc went from being a DJ to having 31 properties with £2m equity and a monthly cashflow of £12,000 per month!


Ben & Andrew

ben andrew

£1.2M Raised In JV Finance

Ben and Andrew didn’t realise it was so easy to raise JV finance to invest, now they have raised over £1.2M of other people’s money to invest


Stuart & Kevin


£18,000 Net Income A Month

Before Progressive Stuart and Kevin lost over £200k due to mistakes. Now they have a portfolio of 56 properties worth £4M with a net monthly cashflow of £18k


Progressive VIP's

Martin Fowler

Progressive VIP's Amazing Results!

Watch this compilation of amazing results achieved quickly with the support of progressive property.



James Mason


Average 23% Equity Since Joining Progressive.

Since joining progressive James has bought five new properties with an average of 23% equity on each


Paul Towlson One Year On


£2.5 Million Property Portfolio…

Follow Pauls story as he talks to Rob about his continued success with Progressive

Beckie Cooper


Ex Nurse Builds a Property Portfolio Worth Over £2M

Watch the video and find out how Beckie and Martin changed their life by building a £2M Property Portfolio with a monthly Net cashflow of £8,000

Martin Fowler

Martin Fowler

VIP Award Winner...

VIP Martin Fowler talks about his experience of the Progressive VIP Programme and the results he has achieved since joining the Progressive Community.

Paul Smith


£235,000 Profit In 4 Months…

Paul Smith: 11 Projects & £235,000 profit in 4 months with Progressive. Watch the video and follow Pauls story

Halstead Ottley


Since being educated I've bought 8 more...

After only a year in the Progressive Community Halstead has already added 8 properties to his portfolio and gained £3,500 in cash flow a month.


Paul Towlson

Paul Towlson

£Million Deals...

I was giving up on Property.Now I am doing £Million deals, have raised £700,000 in JV finance and have my own property networking event.

Tara Coley

property investing success - coley

£10,000 NET PCM...

Pregnant Mum Makes Nearly £10,000 NET pcm Cashflow from 15 Properties Worth £2Million in 18 Months



Mehul Patel

property investing success - Mehul Patel

£245,000 JV Finance...

I have raised £245,000 JV finance. £1,000,000 in Property [me alone] £500,000 in property [Company]. My company assets are £2,000,000. Cash flow is £15,000 of rent per month – Net £10,000



Kam Dovedi


£780,000 Equity & £7,800 Monthly Cash Flow!

After only 2 years’ of joining progressive Kam has a portfolio worth 2.9 million, £780,000 equity and a monthly cash flow of £7,800.


Ben Beaumont

property investing success - ben

£1.25M JV Investment...

After 4 months of “being in property” I have just shook hands on the first part of a £1.25m JV investment deal. Feeling pretty damn good!


Adam Eccleston


NET Profit Is £70,000...

Since joining the VIP Programme we have got 6 deals going through at the moment and all with JV finance. 3 BTLs we are keeping for the long term. We also have 3 properties for flipping using No Money down Strategies, the total net profit for these 3 properties is £70,000



Francis & Jane Dolley


19 Properties Worth £1.5 Million

Francis and jane dolley have built a portfolio worth £1,500,000 with £10,000 monthly cash flow and have raised £180,000 in jv finance!


Geoff Whittaker


£58,000 In Nine Months...

I’ve made £58,000 Cash Income in 9 months Selling Deals thanks to Rob, Mark & the Progressive trainings. These guys talk real sense and no BS


Trevor Cutmore


20 Deals,other peoples money...

I’ve done over 20 deals with other people’s money, and have over £35,000 per year net cashflow, and it’s all thanks to Progressive trainings.


Jamie Madill


7 Houses In 7 Months...

After only 7 months Jamie has managed to buy 7 houses and earn £1,400 a month in cash flow.


Andy Churchill

Andy Churchill

£600k Joint Finance...

VIP member member Andy talks about his latest plans, & how he has raised £600k in JV finance


Alex and Kat

alex and kat

£12,000 Cash Flow Per Month

In Just 12 Months With Progressive Alex & Kat Have Raised £500,000
In JV Finance, Have 11 Properties & a Passive Income Of £11,000 Per Month At the age of 24!


Steve Evans

steve evans

£12,000 Cash Flow Per Month

6 properties in the past 8 months Including 2 student houses. £1,200 Cashflow per month after all costs.