Are you a Wolverine or Poodle?

The journey of a property investor is a tough one, isn’t it?

Finding the missing ingredient. Locating the secret sauce. Fishing where the fewest go.

But the lonely road is essential. It’s part of being… a Wolverine.

Perry Marshall uses a great analogy between Wolverines and Poodles:

Poodles get their food and water bowl filled every day. They sleep on the couch & their owners take them for strolls down the park

Wolverines live in the woods, brave ice and snow, mark out large territories, sleep in the wild, eat what they kill.

But there’s a time in the life of every property investor where the rush of adrenaline is released into your bloodstream: “Wait a minute…. I’m not a poodle. The wild is calling me and its call is irresistible.”

You see, I have nothing against Poodles; every entrepreneur knows you need a bunch of them on hand to mind the store.

But I LOVE Wolverines. I love real property entrepreneurs. I admire those who brave the wild.

They are often decisive. They don’t dither, wait, procrastinate or frequently change their mind -
they make quick, informed decisions and are then slow to change them and do whatever it takes to make those decisions right.

There is something about that struggle that toughens you up — without compulsion, everything just breaks you piece by piece.
When you’re a property entrepreneur, and you meet a new investor who has just bought their first buy to let, you know EXACTLY what the investor is going through.

You know what he hopes for and you know what it feels like when the property is empty and you have no tenants. He feels the fear and pain of the mortgage payment & insurance premiums going OUT when none is coming IN.

You realise that without investors like HIM and people like YOU, earth would grind to a halt. Without property investing as an investment vehicle, you doubt you would really be able to make much of a difference for the lives of other people – tenants, refurb teams, maintenance men, letting agents, all of whom benefit from the work you do.

The other thing you realise is, he must pay his price for success. Nobody can pay it but him. He has to get his education and it’s never free. Whether it’s becoming great at deal packaging, lease options, lead generation, multi-lets & HMO’s, or putting their own personal spin and secret sauce into it to create something unique. He’s gotta put his balls on the chopping block.

How much do you want this baby? If you want it bad enough then everything you learn adds to your arsenal and gives you power.

A word of caution. You don’t win this game without putting your heart in it. Sorry friend, that’s just not how it works.

But once you’ve paid the price, you have the smell of battle on you. I think of all our Progressive VIP members who gather in our private community forum. You can TELL that they’re in the game. You know they have skin in the game because they show you their scars.

I KNOW this because I have seen the most amazing stories - very often with imminent pressure and deadlines, and with other people letting them down at the last minute.

That forms a community of rare quality.

We’re with you every step of the way. We’ll give you the power, but the one thing we can’t do for you is control the compulsion. If you can create that: we’ll go a long way together

And yes you also get the ‘Landlord bashers’ who stereotype property investors as greedy money grabbers who take advantage of people who want to sell quick and only care about profits.

The advice and comments are poor from people making assumptions based on their own biases and ulterior motives, and not genuine experience.

My experience is whether they’re seasoned or new property inventors, they want people to enjoy and appreciate the service they have created.

They LOVE to help each other. The joy of having a satisfied tenant, helping a seller....or having a beer with another Wolverine and sharing war stories… that is often the greatest thing you can experience all day.

Because when compulsion for success exists, nothing else will matter. Fear will be irrelevant. Failure is immaterial. Mistakes will be necessary. Rejection will be fun. Ignorance is part of the journey. Confidence is assumed. And Success will be guaranteed.

And every scar, every disappointment, every blind alley – it all pours into the alchemy stir fry. You never know where that lesson learned is going to pay off or when you’ll add a few extra ‘noughts’ to your property income. It could be next year. But it could also be today.

Because I know YOU are in the fight, I celebrate you.

“It takes time to be successful, but not a lifetime” – Rob Moore

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