What do you do if friends, family and people you care for aren’t on board with your vision or chosen path to make a living in property and make a difference?

This causes many strong emotions, and can in many instances hold you back from doing the things you really want to, love to and know you’re meant to do. You may not want to sack all your friends and you can’t choose your family. It is sometimes from envy but also sometimes from love that you get [perceived] resistance…

I hope these help you. This is not a post about critics and haters, but friends, family and people close to you:

1. ‘Sell’ it to them, based on THEIR values; why are you taking this path and vision, is in their best interests and will help them
(this is your responsibility, and remember they may not have bought into the ‘new’ you as they bought into the ‘old’ you)

2. Ask for their help and support. Ask them to have faith & to be there with you because you care about them
(communicate, but not overly so, the journey and why. Imagine if someone you loved went off on what you perceived as a crazy-tangent-cult-path)

3. Be honest about the journey. Tell them there will be sacrifices (the ‘dip’ of income, the ‘time lag’ & some sweat so you have no regret in the future)
(then they will accept it more in the coming weeks/months)

4. Tell them stories of where they supported you in the past & how much it meant to you, to seed in the command this time around

5. Share your vision with them and how it includes them. What’s the bigger picture for everyone?
(Don’t be too I, I, I, me, me, me, my, my, my about your journey)

6. Don’t spout your journey to them. Make your vision focused on them too.

7. Understand that change always creates polarity. If you get support in this community, you may get challenge at home or I other groups or areas. When some people are with you on your journey, some people will resist it. And so it will always be. Listen, take the feedback that you can learn from, and be grateful.

As a back up plan, if these really are not working at all (which they will if you do them well, and the people really are friends and care for you)…

a. Stop telling them what you are going to do, smile, thank them and go and smash your goals

b. Don’t make anything absolute, or forever. If you have to cut them off/back for a while, that’s OK. You and they will always be there

c. Don’t feel that you owe anyone anything. You owe it to yourself, and to the ones you love, to do what is right in your heart, and that will serve them best

d. Have the vision and decisiveness to cut out genuine toxic people. Don’t announce it, just f’in do it

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Rob Moore
Rob Moore

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