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With David Siegler

If you think you don't have enough money or if you think you don't know the right people to start a career in property investing, then I can show you how wrong you are

Deal Packaging is different - you don’t need a ton of cash to get started, just great training, determination and consistent action can bring you substantial financial rewards!

I know it can be hard starting out- I’ve been there too.

I first came to Progressive Property on 24th January 2014. At that time my single let portfolio was generating a net income of around £3500 per month. Now I’m not dismissive of £3500 a month. It is higher than the average wage in the UK even today.

But, although this is a useful sum of money it’s not a life-changing amount of money. I had money, but it was tied up in property.

With deal packaging, it’s different. You don’t have money you can’t use locked away in bricks and mortar- you have CASH in your bank. 

- David Siegler

Property expert, speaker, mentor

Real People, Real Stories

Deal Packaging has had a 'game changing' impact on my life! By simply implementing Progressive's Deal Packaging training I’ve since left my FT job, moved to my ‘gold mine’ location and provided my investors with a pipeline of cracking deals. Deal Packaging fees and know how have allowed me to scale my own BTL portfolio

Karen H

We have spent a lot of time planning and putting into practice everything learned in the course but it is truly the mastermind and support of mentors & a larger like minded network that has spurred us on. We have moved to larger offices and now have a team of 7 on site with a further 7 out on viewings

Sean F


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