I’m sure You’ve been there.

You want to build those important relationships with more experienced investors.

You want someone to guide you through your latest property deal.

You want to learn their mistakes, learn their strategies, JV with them, help reduce your learning curve, keep you motivated & give you the confidence that’s there for the taking.

Maybe you’re at your local networking meeting & don’t know exactly what to say.

Your mind is all over the place – can you relate?

You see, no matter where you are in your investing journey – you can, and should, be talking to more experienced investors.

Your network will guide you or pull you down. The upside of your ready made network is the virtually leveraged building of your property portfolio and business

But how do you get those seasoned pros, the movers & shakers and the heavy hitters to give you the time of day?

#1 – Give Value

In order to receive, you have to be willing to give (law of reciprocation)

What can You bring to the relationship? It doesn’t have to be monetary – offer a recommendation, put them in contact with other investors, be likeable. Build rapport.

#2 – Make It Enticing – What’s in it for them?

Can you offer them deals? Run errands for them. Manage the refurb? Offer to do anything that they’d rather not do? Why should they take notice of you?

Tip: Be creative, especially if you’re starting out. Ask them if they have things they rather not do so you could do it for them

#3 – Show a Burning Desire to Succeed –

You may not know everything, but it doesn’t stop you from getting out there and making it happen.

Investors will be impressed you’re doing things. Taking action. Showing initiative.

Their ears will prick when you tell them you’ve done a, b and c, and that you plan on doing x, y and z next.

Your enthusiasm will be infectious. They will find you inspiring. They will be more interested in you as a person than the ideas or deals alone. Think James Caan & the dog treadmill.

#4 – Be prepared – What’s your end outcome?

Have a potential deal or situation to discuss.

Do they want to work with new investors? What are their expectations? What values can you align with them?

But a word of caution. Don’t go for the kill too soon. Don’t seem needy. Don’t go begging for them to help you. Offer to buy them lunch.

You have to show you will make it no matter what, but prefer to have their help. Be humble.

Yes, we all know when starting out in property that it can be lonely or challenging without support or guidance….

But the great thing about property investing is the experts are willing to share their knowledge openly and freely with you.

You would not experience this in most professions or corporations, but because property is a local business, people are happy to share their ideas and strategies with you because you will not be in competition with them.

Professional investors love to share; it’s a great industry to be in. Networking and working in partnerships never ends.

You can continually grow and network into ever increasing circles of wealth and influence. One person you meet could open the door for you and introduce you into a seriously wealthy and powerful network.

The Progressive community does exactly that, with a £65million joint venture network already in place, and with the six degrees of separation theory, You’re only six steps or six people away from any contact you need, in any industry, on any part of the planet.

Oh and one more thing.

We would love to see You at our next PPN meet, where you can rub shoulders with the most affluent investors who will educate, inspire, entertain, and support you in becoming even more successful in property.

Share Your ideas & comments below of the benefits or working with more experienced investors.

Rob Moore
Rob Moore

Co-Founder of Progressive Property, entrepreneur, investor , author of 6 Amazon and Audible Best-sellers, prolific podcaster, two-time Public Speaking World Record Holder, Founder of The Rob Moore Foundation