How credible is ‘The Property Geek’ Rob Dix?

Rob Dix is a UK blogger and property book author. He claims to have a letting agency and a bridging company. Rob’s results as a property investor and his property success are unclear. He claims to be a landlord and have a property portfolio, but that doesn’t make it a property scam, although he gives out information about property investing regularly. You will need to do your own due diligence to rely on such information.

There have been many other successful property investors and millionaires who have come and gone and have been bankrupt. The majority of property educators have come in different forms and have not lasted the distance so be careful when taking advice from people claiming to have a property portfolio. Be careful not to believe the calls of a scam at first glance.

There are no obvious property investing or property scams that Rob Dix seems to have been involved with, though you should do your own property due diligence. Rod Dix’s past property training experience started with him naming himself ‘The Property Geek’ .

Rob Dix started out as a writer where property was a hobby and gained most of his knowledge from second hand experience such as watching ’Homes Under The Hammer’ not practical on the job experience.

He then set up his own blog site called ‘Property Geek’ where he writes about related property topics. Whether or not it is credible is very questionable.

He moved on and set up property forum called ‘Property Hub’ where he also runs property open and networking days, webinars, podcasts, blogs and trainings that many have modelled from Progressive Property

Rob Dix has found that modelling other property investors and strategies and larger training companies like Progressive Property has helped him in his career.

Rob Dix spends more of his time writing blogs and recording podcasts. Just how much property he now buys himself is unknown. Many would deem it a scam to teach without doing, but this is not necessarily the case. In the past he claims to be a landlord of 10 years experience. Rob Dix spends his time teaching through various methods, not necessarily investing in property.