For those of you who don’t know Mark Homer, he is one of the UK’s top property investors. Experienced, knowledgeable, wise and somewhat of a financial and investing genius, so we thought we’d get his Top 5 Predictions for 2022. 

Mark is cautious, his investment strategies are always well thought out and planned meticulously and he only goes BIG once he has enough experience, confidence and evidence – everything you could want in a trainer, mentor or business partner.

Mark Homer is the quieter and more reserved of Progressive’s two owners. He prefers to stay out of the limelight and is EXTREMELY busy, so you better believe that time with him is all that more precious.

So, when this property investing guru offers his predictions for 2022 – you know you need to pay attention.

Below we have Mark’s predictions on where the market is going, what is going to happen and what you need to focus on in 2022

Mark’s Top 5 Predictions for 2022

More people are investing in satellite cities

People have moved out to satellite cities such as Peterborough, cities in the Midlands and cities in the North of England have benefited. If you want to sell properties in these areas, they’re selling well. Lots of people are living further out and commuting 2 or 3 days a week. This has created opportunity in these areas.

Interest rates in 2022

Nobody knows exactly what’s going to happen to interest rates. Usually higher interest rates follow high inflation rates. There’s lots of commentators saying interest rates are going to shoot up and we’ll all be doomed. Mark’s educated guess is that the equilibrium rate probably hasn’t changed that much and that interest rates will probably be lower than they were for the whole of 2020.

Capital growth

Capital growth on smaller units and apartments in 2022 will be higher than that on houses, larger houses and rural areas. Mark predicts the city centre apartment market will be better in 2022 than the rural housing market.

Capital growth will abate. There’s still going to be positive capital growth on average up and down the country, probably looking around 5%.


Smaller Cryptocurrencies (Alt Coins) are going to go through a tough time. The reality is with cryptocurrency a little bit like bubble is that some of it will remain and lots of the market will get wiped out. Loads of cryptocurrencies will end up going down to zero. It’s just working out which ones are going to be good for the future to keep your money in. Mark’s prediction is there’ll be an almighty bang in 2022.

Asset yields

Only invest in assets that yield well. Also only invest in things that are solid and that you understand. The more you understand it, the more you’ll love it, be happy to analyse it and become the best at that thing.

You might be wondering, what’s so great about Mark Homer? 

Why should you listen to Mark’s predictions for 2022?

Mark has always been keen on finance, entrepreneurship and investing. He started investing and became an entrepreneur from the young age of 16, and was going places even then.

In 2005, Mark worked for a property business on a good salary. He used this job as an opportunity to learn some valuable lessons. He absorbed all of the information, skills, knowledge and experience he could from this role and even got his now business partner, Rob Moore, a job at the business.

Then in 2007, Mark and Rob incorporated Progressive Property. They had 3 years of combined job experience by then and easily doubled that in courses that they attended and knowledge that they invested into themselves. 

After purchasing his first 20 properties, Mark thought it was easy and he was set for life. He was being coached by a smart mentor who highlighted that he needed to completely change how he bought properties.

His first 20 properties in 2006 – 2007 were all from estate agents.

Mark’s mentor advised that he was taking a massive risk to his entire business, because he was getting all of his leads and properties from one single source.

He questioned ‘what if’:

  • There’s a recession?
  • Estate agents start to charge fees to the buyer as well as the seller?
  • Your one main agent leaves his job?

Then Mark would’ve had no deals the next year. Mark learned HUGELY valuable lessons that day and it changed his property investing strategies forever.

Fast forward to now and he owns HUNDREDS of properties, is the Co-Founder of the UK’s top property investing education company and has just completed his biggest commercial conversion project to date with 99% occupancy.

Mark has always believed that you can better yourself and improve your personal/professional development via education. Mark also believes in being mentored by successful people who are further ahead than yourself.

How can you get ahead in 2022 using Mark’s predictions?

That’s why he wants to give back and share his expert, insider knowledge on how to succeed.

Him and his business partner Rob Moore are inviting you to join them at Progressive Property’s flagship event in Peterborough, Multiple Streams of Property Income on the 22nd-24th of April 2022.

If you want to learn more from one of the UK’s top property investors, this is your chance to get taught by Mark for FREE.

If you’re looking to make BIG money in property, you want to learn from Mark Homer now!

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