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As the UK slowly comes out of lockdown, this next transition could be the most important of your property investing career: It's not just a change, it's a revolution. We are running a free, live online training summit - The Property Revolution Summit - to help you realise the unique opportunity of this opportunity.

As we all prepare to come out of lockdown, we know you will be full of uncertainty and confusion surrounding the property industry.

With many people struggling to know if property is the right industry to be in or to even get into, others may be wondering where to go now on their property path...

That’s why, as the UK’s #1 property education company, we're taking leadership of the situation and equipping you to realise that this may be a change, but it's an even bigger opportunity. Here is what we’re offering in this free, exclusive online summit:

We will cover:

-What you need to know, do & avoid urgently during these these unprecedented times in the property industry

-How to Absolutely maximise the next 90 days & take the (hidden) opportunities

-Progressive's new Accelerated Immersion program to help you be first and fastest as the lockdown lifts

-What we predict will happen next and why staying educated now is more important than ever in order to survive and thrive

-NEW cashflow strategies

-The property strategies that are working NOW that most of the world have not yet figured out... PLUS How to use time tested strategies such as Buy, Refurb, Remortage

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