Discover How To Accelerate Your Monthly Cashflow From The Staycation boom Using and AirBnB

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“Staycations” are the hottest ticket this year, experiencing the biggest boom we have seen in years. And Serviced Accommodation is housing millions of them.

But where are these families going to stay? Hotels can get expensive, especially for multiple rooms, and caravans don’t suit everyone.

One type of accommodation is on everyone's list- Serviced Accommodation.

The quality of a hotel with the facilities of a home (and space to get together)- it’s the perfect middle ground for millions of people. Serviced Accommodation has made AirBnB one of the BIGGEST companies in the world.

There is a simple 5 Step System to SA DEALS that anyone, from any level, can use. Starting from zero, this strategy could help you bring in £1000’s a month.

On the 10th September, Kevin Poneskis, our Progressive Serviced Accommodation expert with 28+ years of property experience and his own SA company, will be hosting a webclass on this hottest ticket property strategy for 2020. 

At 7:30pm you can join him to learn how WITHOUT huge deposits you could be bringing in 500% more than you would with a simple buy-to-let strategy.

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