Commercial Property Conversion Masterclass

Return high yields from million £ property development deals

Turn old commercial property into residential goldmines

Expert knowledge from one of the UKs leading commercial to residential property investment specialists. Intensive commercial conversions course transforming you from a novice to a property investor with an edge over the competition. Commercial property conversions are the hottest property strategy around, believe it or not, you can earn 6-figure profits fast! And make in one commercial deal, what most investors struggle to make in five to six buy-to-let property deals. By the end of this property developing course, you will clearly understand the key elements of both small- and large-scale conversions, and have attained an in-depth knowledge of the planning process. This educational event offers advanced information on how to return high levels of profit from £million property development deals, and offers you the chance to discuss with the experts how to become a full-time property developer. We also uncover where to find and how to recognise the best deals, plus how to add value to them and maximise their returns. Our Detailed Development Appraisal System is an essential tool for any developer, and we also deliver breakdowns of how to de-risk deals, what to avoid, the construction process and how to manage, how to deliver deals “hands free”, how to finance or package deals, and a crystal-clear understanding of the principles that affect a property deal.

Making any decision as large as making money through commercial property requires you to consider a huge range of factors. When you move up the chain to commercial property or converting commercial buildings for residential use, it’s best to research the subject widely and talk to people with more experience to avoid tripping up unnecessarily. You gain knowledge over a period of time, partly from others and partly through trial and error. When you start taking on larger projects, there is always going to be a learning curve and times when plans don’t go exactly as you’d hoped. Commercial Conversions Masterclass is developed to cut the learning curve with tailored property education resources at your fingertips.

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20/03/2020 - Peterborough

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When you join us you will discover:

Leave knowing all the planning, tax and building regulation pitfalls and how to avoid them
How you can quickly and easily find the commercial buildings
The commercial conversion basics: Planning, building control, legal issues, points of caution, freehold & leasehold properties
How to compete with some of the best in the market
How to make your properties the most desired with the help of our full and complete three day course
The knowledge and confidence to make your own development a success
Property Development Exits: Start with the exit first! De-risk, De-risk, De-risk. How to de-risk any project and ensure all investments are calculated
Learn how to do desk top appraisals, feasibility studies, site visits, viewing tools, mindset master scripts when talking to agents, detailed appraisals and detailed services appraisals
Finance: Learn all aspects of Property Development Finance. Private Finance, Angel Finance, joint ventures, option agreements, lease option agreements and bridging finance.
Sourcing – earn a % of the GDV (Gross Development Value) of a project deals for simply finding them. £15,000 to £100,000 per project!

What others are saying:

This course is truly life-changing and the connections and friendships made will make a massive difference. Having been involved in property, planning and development for 20 years, I have gained more from just 2 days on this course than I have in a whole two decades of formal education. This is THE property course to do!!

David Kemp

I attended the Commercial Property Conversion Masterclass this week. It was the most fantastic property training I have undertaken to date and exactly what I need to get me launched. The course was an inspiring mix of process, systems, examples, stories and importantly preparing your mindset. I can do this!

Peter Abell

This weekend just gone I was sat very attentively right at the front on Glenn Delve Commercial Property Conversion Masterclass. I will always remember the phrase "an entrepreneur is willing to do what others aren’t so they will be able to do what others can't". Glenn and the course was eye opening and inspiring and as much as I got upset I did it for my daughter and family’s future.

Mark D Brazier

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