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Learn the Easy System for Monetising Almost Every Deal

Learn How to Package Deals to Make Them Irresistible to Investors

This course reveals how to make cash in your spare time and replace your income by monetising almost every deal - especially those you don't want to keep for yourself! You don’t have any start up costs. You don’t need mortgages. You don’t need deposits. You don’t need loans. There are no credit checks. You don’t need anything at all to start. The strategies you'll learn at this course don't require mortgages, loans or debt at all. This course is a step-by-step guide to finding investors, making deals irresistible to investors through "magnetic marketing packs", negotiating, tying up deals legally and completing the deals. You can package and sell deals using just a mobile phone and computer – you could literally trade deals from the beach if you wanted to! Just follow our simple but most effective start up techniques for sourcing great deals and finding investors who are hungry to buy them. It doesn’t matter whether you are experienced or whether you are brand new to property. You can generate a job replacing income right away! it all starts here at Deal Packaging Mastermind. Deal Packaging Mastermind course will show you how you can build a six figure property business using our full-proof system - fast! Deal Packaging is perhaps the quickest way to make a steady income from property. We have expert-approved models which will make even the most lacklustre of properties look appealing to your potential buyers. Do you also want to know how to create ‘magnetic marketing packs’ that brings the investors to you? That's right, even the one small bit of work involved can be removed through time and perseverance. We have so much more to share with you, but we'll save that for your arrival.

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20/03/2020 - Peterborough

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Final session on Deal Packaging Mastermind today - It's going to be emotional 😀 When i think back to June 2017 and my very first MSOPI event and having zero property or investing knowledge or experience to doing deals, building an ever-expanding network of professional contacts, putting in offers with agents using none of my own money, consuming 100s of hours of podcasts and audiobooks (read over 20 investing and mindset books alone during that period), and attended dozens of network events, and to know that I’ve only really just got started excites me beyond anything I could have imagined only 12 months ago.

Karl Simpson


Great day at the Deal Packaging Mastermind today. Great content throughout the day. The roundtable session just goes to show how different people are, but also what everyone can accomplish in only a few months, with the right mentoring and accountability.

Nigel Moysey


After signing up to Serviced Accommodation Mastermind I drew up my 6 months goals with my performance goals. After 6 months I resigned from my job. This was done on R2SA basis as by then I ran out of money! Now I have a successful SA business. I have the flexibility to spend as much time as I want with my gorgeous daughter. I also always put her first, even before my business. I have been nominated for the SA provider of the year award!

Jessie Marsh

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