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Joint Venture & Finance Raising Secrets

Personal days with serious people achieving life and income changing results.

The only place you can learn how to structure JV's whilst also being trained on achieving a full mindset shift.

This is for you if you have run out of money but want to continue in property or if you don’t want to use your own!

Many property investment teachers who are working in today’s market were taught by Progressive Property during our powerful mentoring and training sessions covering how to achieve successful joint ventures.

A large percentage of the professionals you may know teaching in the market now were taught by us. Time doesn’t permit us to work individually with Property Investors anymore, BUT…

You come to our Peterborough offices, spend one full day with us and 18 other serious Property Investors, and we give you applicable Joint Venture strategies you can implement right now, to skyrocket your portfolio.

We have an open brainstorming session together in the group and overcome your problems, challenges and pains personally – You leave with the tools and mind-set you need to be a professional investor immediately./p>

"Learn how property investors are buying property with none of their own money"


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When you join us you will discover:

  • 9 JV Structures to Overcome ANY JV Partner Objection
  • How to 'Sell Without Selling' to the JV Partner
  • How to Turn No Money & Reject Deals into £100,000's
  • How to Create the 'Perfect Pitch' to each 'Type' of JV Partner
  • How to Create the Business Plan for each 'Type' of JV Partner
  • How to Leverage Your Time & Money & Build a 7 Figure Property Business


Quinton Mhizha

I really enjoyed it. You should do it if you got the time and money. Learned a lot about different types of joint ventures and ways to raise finance. I also learned about different places where I can find JV partners with money!

Marcus Dix

Big thanks to Progressive for giving us a phenomenal kickstart and David Siegler for his excellent hosting and sharing his hard earned JV knowledge and expertise these two days!

Danny Saunders

After a good few days at the JV Finance Raising Secrets event i was asked what a particular highlight was. Now, hearing Kevin McDonnell do his "business" in the toilet through the speakers in the class room was a unforgettable/exceptional experience, but my own highlight was actually hearing Ash Anderson let the class know that through a couple of the videos he had posted, he was contacted by 3 people interested in working with him. If i needed anymore convincing that property and the Progressive brand does work then that was it. With a lot of hate and negativity in the world i believe that successes no matter how big or small should be celebrated and acknowledged, so for that Ash Anderson i solute you Sir, and good luck with all the adventures coming your way. 🤙

Kat Hipsey

Back at PPHQ crewing. We’ve got a cram-packed room listening to Toni Gargan on the Joint Venture Finance Raising Secrets! So much fantastic content!

Joint Venture & Finance Raising Secrets

On the day we will cover what the benefits are of using Joint Venture partners.

You’ll discover all the secrets to doing joint ventures at the Joint Venture & Finance Raising Secrets event. Afterwards you’re able to raise all the finance that you’ll ever need. And you’ll be able to keep buying properties and grow your property business. As a result, your monthly passive income will continue to grow.

How to find JV's – they could be right under your nose! When you have found a JV partner what you do next, what’s in it for you, what's in it for them, how to structure the deal. More to discover at the workshop...