No Money Down Property Investing Discovery Course

Attract a huge choice of Investment Partners & Joint Venture Finance

Grow your portfolio, using other people’s money! Does that sound unlikely, or even crazy?! Think again.

Get ready to grow your portfolio, using other people’s money and attract a huge choice of investment partners and joint venture finance to create yourself a life-changing income through creative investment at Progressive Property’s No Money Down Course.

Does that sound unlikely, or even crazy?! Think again.

No Money Down Property investing is fast becoming the UK’s ‘must do’ property strategy for investors of all levels of experience and you too can invest in property, even if you have no deposits and finance is an obstacle by discovering how the super-rich are making a fortune from property they control but don’t own. No Money Down Property Investing pairs you with innovative investment strategies and the smart and savvy property investors using them right now to help you quickly startup and scale up a profitable portfolio of BMV deals and cash flowing properties that can generate you thousands every single month.

Even if you have no experience or little to no finance the No Money Down Course can work for you as our skilled trainers and mentors will reveal the proven step-by-step methods you can use instantly to find, fund and secure No Money Down deals. 

Prepare yourself to leave the event with the keys to create lasting and sustainable wealth alongside rock-solid negotiation techniques, explosive JV partnerships and everything you need to help you carve out the No Money Down Property Investing deals that work best for you and your property goals.

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When you join us you will discover:

At the No Money Down Course we reveal the many ways you can create a job replacing income from property using none of your own money. Our trainers have all ‘been there, done that’ so you can relax in the certainty that you’re receiving the expert knowledge and guidance you deserve!

What others are saying:

Learning new stuff at No Money Down Property masterclass and maybe will find JV partner who knows. 🤔😊

Vaidas Abelkis

Having a blast with Team Progressive. Kevin McDonnell has been explaining about APPS and Tom has been chatting about APParel.

Sylvia Snowling

Great weekend down at progressive On the no money down masterclass. Thanks to Kevin McDonnell and Dan Buchan! Time to put it all into action!

Arran Graham

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