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No Money Down Mastermind

Learn How to Create Life-Changing Income and Build a Property Portfolio Using None of Your Own Money

No more scrimping and saving deposits and watching ideal homes pass you by is now a thing of the past.

Magnetise the right partners to create life-changing income

But contrarian, by definition, means the opposite of the masses. It means most people don’t know this. The reality is that it is harder to get conventional finance, banks are tightening their criteria , loopholes are being plugged, and “creativity”, is not being rewarded by the institutions. Relying on ‘conventional,’ high street, ‘sausage machine’ finance is not the answer.

The secret is that you don’t need to save for years, you just need to know the right finance strategies and the right people and deviate from the 'rigid set of rules' associated with standard conventional finance.

It means none of your money is used - Instead what you do is use other people’s money to buy property which you can profit from!

Everyone in our Mastermind circle has unique skills, knowledge and experiences. By joining our No Money Down Mastermind course you’ll be able to interact with successful property investors and entrepreneurs as well as share your knowledge and challenges you might face on your property investing journey.

Most property investors never consider ‘no-money-down’ or 'little-money-down' deals. Why? Because they believe they are impossible. What they don’t realize is this; No-money-down does not mean that no money gets put down at all...

At our No Money Down Mastermind class you’re going to discover the easiest No Money down strategies in greater detail, so afterwards you’ll know all the ways to buy property with none of your own money and buy property while leaving none of your own money in the deal!

No Money Down Mastermind

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On average, each landlord owns 1.8 rental properties, making the total number of private homes rented out 4.49 million – with the number rising every year for the past five years


The property industry grew 3.5% between 2014-2019


217,000 homes came on to the market in 2016-17, up 20% on the year before

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During No Money Down Mastermind, you will also learn:

No Money Down Mastermind
  • Control property with no deposit or mortgage, even if you have poor credit
  • Build a faster portfolio, get gazumped less and reduce your financial risk
  • Convert leads yourself - live deals converted on the day from your local newspapers
  • Learn how to gain access to easy finance
  • Grow your property business faster
  • Be part of an exclusive property investors community


Graham Page

Nearly the end of day one of No Money Down Mastermind. We are still going strong and Kevin has not quite lost his voice yet... Great session on HMOs by Dan Buchan and Kevin McDonnell is now in full flight explaining Lease Options...

Istvan Vigh

Great day yesterday, thanks for the advice and support! Looking forward to the next one already!

Emilie Marie Berge

Had a brilliant day! I was on fire when I got home and worked until midnight and then was at it again 6:30am this morning! I managed to squeeze in a chat with the HMO officer this morning before work and registered my domain name and email adress 😀

Chris 'C-Bass- Moore

Awesome day at No Money Down Mastermind group today! So good to bounce ideas off and get some valuable pointers from some great people. got my action points - now to go put into motion =) I love spending time amongst the Progressive Community. Massive thanks to Kevin McDonnell, Graham Page and Pihlip Elder for your guidance and support today.

No Money Down Mastermind

No Money Down Mastermind course is designed to help you to overcome fundraising obstacles using the collective knowledge of others.

Our Mastermind course can significantly boost your property business, strengthen your investor skills and accelerate your property networking growth.