Progressive Property Masterclass - UK's #1 Property investment course

Progressive Property Masterclass

4 Days To Make You A Professional Property Investor

The Masterclass offers an iron-clad guarantee: if you don’t own 3 investment properties in one year or less, you’ll get double your money back.

CPD Certified Property Course

This is the UK’s flagship property investment training programme, and has already changed countless entrepreneur’s lives for the better.

The Masterclass is an intensive 4-day course designed to turn any beginner or intermediate into a professional property investor – with 1 year’s follow-up support for free. Prepare yourself for an all-encompassing package of no-nonsense, priceless information, attended by the professionals who want to learn the property secrets and be propelled to sky-high success in property investment.

It has been designed to teach you how to make the move from small-time investor to knowledgeable property professional in just 12-24 months, and how to quit your day job and shift from full time slogger to part-time lifestyle entrepreneur within a single month.

If you are serious about turning your career and life around, committing to a future in multi-million-pound property investment, and enjoying the stability and eventual ease of passive income, this is the masterclass for you!

Progressive Property Masterclass

Spaces are limited, don't miss out!


The predicted average house price in the UK by 2036


For every £1,000 of rental income received today, you would receive £2,226 in 20 years


The number of landlords in the UK has soared 27% since 2011

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When you join us you will discover:

  • Simple Operational Setups: Keys, laundry, cleaners, listing tips that save you time and stress
  • Discover what TO buy and what NOT TO buy, for ongoing passive monthly cash flow
  • Have close-up training with an expert property trainer to find your local goldmine area
  • Learn 7 invaluable low/no money down creative financing techniques
  • Uncover how to find motivated sellers willing to sell their homes below market value
  • How to go from small-time Investor to Property professional in 12-24 Months
  • Support community that will accelerate your progress. Network with other SA practitioners
  • How to Leverage & realistically Quit Your Job & go part time within 30-90 days
  • Study 32 advanced negotiation techniques and NLP guides
  • Find the latest tax and marketing strategies
  • Reveal how to find the value of any property within your goldmine area in less than 5 minutes
  • Be taught the Progressive Property Deal Scrutiniser – worth £1,000 – to quickly and reliably alert you to lucrative offers, as well as the duds that you should avoid


Craig Hamilton

100% do it. Great value for money. You will meet property friends for life on this course. I cannot emphasise enough on how great Anne, Dixie and Peter are.

Darren Burrows

The Masterclass is a terrific course for understanding & learning the fundamentals of buying property to refurb & let. It would give you a great foundation for future courses in my humble opinion.

Pete Lonton

It's a great foundation and in my opinion a natural next step after MSOPI. This is the route I followed on my path before narrowing down to a particular core area.

Inno Mas

I have done the Masterclass and without any doubt it's the best all round training that anyone who wants to succeed in property must do. It turns the amateur into a professional. After doing the Masterclass in November 2017 I have secured my first big project to convert an old building in into 8 by 2 bed flats. Plus more are coming as a result of Masterclass. Definitely a must-do training!

Progressive Property Masterclass

You are going to learn what to buy and what not to buy for ongoing passive monthly cashflow, how to find motivated sellers that will gladly sell you their home below market value, how to determine your local Goldmine area and much more!

If you are serious about turning your career and life around, committing to a future in multi-million-pound property investment, and enjoying the stability and eventual ease of passive income, this is the masterclass for you – or double your money back!

Jonathan Porter

Practised in managing multidisciplinary teams, strategic direction and development of an award-winning ‘Customer Experience Design Team’, Jonathan is the author of Progressive's User-Centred Design methodology and brings an in-depth understanding of the branding, design and technology challenges facing enterprise-level clients today. Equally importantly, the exciting opportunities the connected web is creating for organisations, both large and small.