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Serviced Accommodation Intensive

Make hundreds of percent more monthly cashflow

The most secure and profitable ways to let via Serviced Accommodation

CPD Certified Property Course

The powerful secrets of Serviced Accommodation

We will teach you the most secure and profitable ways to let via serviced accommodation

It’s the property letting strategy that is making traditional investors hundreds of percent more cashflow, every month! This course – the first ever serviced accommodation course in England – will teach you the most secure and profitable ways to let via serviced accommodation, reassuring you about the apparent risks of voids or occupancy rates, and introducing you to the powerful secrets of serviced accommodation that require no more of your time than traditional single occupancy letting.

The system and knowledge gained at Serviced Accommodation Intensive course will allow you to take an ordinary single let and increase its cashflow by 500%.

In order to take advantage of this income-boosting strategy, you don’t need to refurbish from a normal single let and you can start instantly – you simply need the knowledge and the encouragement to go for it!

Serviced Accommodation
Serviced Accommodation

Spaces are limited, don't miss out!


The average daily rate for Serviced Accommodation in the UK for 2016


Corporates choose Serviced Accommodation due to cost per night, length of stay and location


81% of Serviced Apartments experienced full-year occupancy in 2016

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When you join us you will discover:

  • Support community that will accelerate your progress. Network with other SA practitioners
  • Brand new scalable strategy
  • HMO rent with no tenants
  • 300%-500% increase upon normal buy-to-let
  • Simple Operational Setups: Keys, laundry, cleaners, listing tips that save you time and stress
  • Repeat business without letting agents
  • A full proven system of business
  • Q&A with the expert
  • Cast-iron guarantee: do the course and have the opportunity to JV with us


Blake Bettley

After attending the Serviced Accommodation Intensive course last year, my partner and I have taken on 2 R2SA houses (planning to take on more). We've had some good success with customers who keep extending their bookings; so far we've received around £3,400 for a 19 night booking and we think they might stay for around another 3 weeks!

Phil Leslie

Following the Serviced Accommodation Intensive in September I now have 2 SA units of which I have set 1 up an I'm setting another one up as we speak!

Kevin Poneskis

Day one of the Serviced Accommodation Intensive course. There's such an appetite for SA right now. What would you like to know about SA? I will answer your questions over the weekend - when I'm not presenting the course!

Fred Asante

Enjoyed a fantastic two days of Serviced Accommodation Intensive training. I met with a great group of enthusiastic attendees whom I thoroughly enjoyed interacting with over the two days and will certainly be keeping in contact with.

Serviced Accommodation Intensive

You've no doubt heard of (and maybe already used) AirBNB and, right?

Property investors across the UK are discovering how to make 5 times the rental cashflow from their Buy-To-Lets by leveraging AirBNB &'s consumer trust and authority to FILL their Buy-To-Let rooms.

They're the fashionable and very popular "home-away-from-home" short stay websites that millions of people are now using every year.

And this is important to you because this trendy property lettings model, known in the industry as "serviced accommodation, is booming!

Serviced Accommodation is ripe for profiting from, and during this SA Intensive course we reveal lucrative insider secrets that are well worth acting on.

You can't have missed the adverts on TV, radio, and across the internet recently for AirBNB & Two of the worlds biggest online accommodation booking sites.