Serviced Accommodation Mastermind

Get Ready to Reap 500% More Profits from Buy-To-Let Properties

Serviced Accommodation property investing strategy has quickly developed into a game changing technique making property investors 10x the cashflow in half the time.

Repetition is the key to success. We have a system where hundreds have profited, hundreds have become financially free and you can be next, just by following the systems you'll learn at Progressive Property's Serviced Accommodation Mastermind course. Get ready to join beginner and experienced property investors, who all want to discover how to reap 500% more profits from buy-to-let properties and say goodbye to nightmare tenants forever! This is the power of a Serviced Accommodation business and you are well on your way to profiting from the hottest property strategy around. Join our Serviced Accommodation Mastermind course and learn everything there is to know about this exciting strategy. Live case studies and a step-by-step system that you can easily replicate for assured success.

UK revenue in the Serviced Accommodation market is forecast to double within the next two years. If you feel under siege as a single let landlord, or are simply looking to boost your income, you'll find opportunities in Serviced Accommodation all around you. All we are asking is just a small amount of your time to educate you on something that truly can change your life. Honestly, anyone can follow the systems and strategies that we will teach you at our Serviced Accommodation Mastermind course. It's an opportunity you simply cannot miss.

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20/03/2020 - Peterborough

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Another hugely inspiring monthly Serviced Accommodation Mastermind yesterday. Great to share time and inspiration between fellow Masterminders!!! Thanks everyone

Mark Stokes


Loving the Serviced Accommodation Msatermind group. Joined a month ago and I've already got 4 properties to use on the SA model. That's a moderate estimate of £4,000 additional cashflow per month! 😎

Marc Nicholson


After signing up to Serviced Accommodation Mastermind I drew up my 6 months goals with my performance goals. After 6 months I resigned from my job. This was done on R2SA basis as by then I ran out of money! Now I have a successful SA business. I have the flexibility to spend as much time as I want with my gorgeous daughter. I also always put her first, even before my business. I have been nominated for the SA provider of the year award!

Moneesha Imrit Ludhor

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