Whether you want to buy, sell, check rentals, check house price values, HPI, sold date or market trends, there are tons of high end online tools and websites to interrogate the above.


1.  Sold Prices

Net house prices – Simply enter a post-code in the above & see what properties sold and for what, and you can even narrow the search by house age, style and see a map.


Houseprices Similar to the above, but instead gives coloured-coded Google maps which highlights the streets that fetch the most. Great for ‘getting the spread’ & finding cheap properties on good streets



Most on-line portals go back as far as 2000-ish but Our property stretches back to 1995. It’s free but you need to register.


2. Match Sold Prices to Property Ads


Zoopla’s powerful tool matches up sold prices with old property ads, including photos, description & asking prices. Hit the Values section, search for an area & click the red H’s for historic listings.


Rightmove [RM]

Search for a price comp report on RM to see sold prices & details of how many beds. You may be able to unearth the full listings by Googling the road name, as many sites scrape RM’s data & leave it up for years.


3. Want to get an overview of your goldmine area?

The following tools will help show you how many properties are changing hands in your area & how much for.

Land registry [LR]

LR collects official house price data on real sales, recording every residence sold. It’s HPI gives average prices by country & region, breaking them down into different property types. Be careful as the data is three months out of date, but a very useful tool.


You can download national and regional price data for different property types since 1952, as well as more detailed analysis.


4. Ballpark house price valuations

There are several free online tools to value a property. Mark says they can be a long way off; for official valuations, speak with agents & use LR sold prices.

Zoopla – for a bespoke valuation Type in a post-code & it will give you a rough indication of sales prices for that area. Select a property in a street & get a bespoke online valuation based on previous sales & market climate.

Propertypriceadvice – for a more detailed second opinion Slightly quicker & easier to work through & asks fewer questions. You can get an upper & lower valuation for a given property, but Mark say’s PPA is more likely to over-value properties.


Mouseprice – Want an estimated price range? This simply asks for your postcode & no of bedrooms so it is hardly a conclusive study! A nice addition is Google Earth snap of the property. You can pay for a detailed valuation, but as the accuracy is still questionable, stick with the freebies!


Nationwide – Find a home’s value based on its sale price This tool is designed for people to put in their property’s price when they bought it & work out what it’s worth now. This tool is useful in it can give an idea of how house price fluctuations affect value. BTW Mark says “Take the results with a shovel of salt. Don’t just rely on the figures given – treat it as a fun investigation, nothing more.”

5. Monitor house price trends

Housprtcecrash – Get a feel on housing market forecasts

Check out what the pundits predict. This site has a pro-property agenda. It collects stats from LR, the Financial Times & Hometrack to number crunch house price trends.

6. Find local asking prices

Gone are the old days where you had to act like a peeping Tom & peer through the agents windows. Do remember asking prices are often optimistic, showing what the seller wants for their crib, not necessary the value and definitely not what they’ll get.

The ‘bottom drawer’ deals are sold before they on the sites, so get pally with a local wheeler dealer so you get the first call as soon as a ‘deal’ hits their books. If you’re not there yet monitor the following sites to help get the ‘spread’

Rightmove [RM]

The godfather of home sites -RM is the best place to compare homes on the market. With a plethora of props up for grabs, it plots listings on Google map for ease

For best results, turbo charge RM with Property-bee, which is an ingenious Firefox add-on, [on steroids] to see how sellers have altered listings & dropped prices.


Although not a match for RM, Globrix is a great option if you’re looking for a particular type of property & allows you to narrow and search by type, e.g. Victorian, garden size, balconies etc/ Google search map is included so it plots where the pad is for sale.



This site includes reams of data alongside the listings, including how the asking price compares with others in the town & postcode.

A great way to compare gross yields. It also allows you to click on homes’ ‘price histories’ to see how the asking price has shifted.

7. Monitor house prices on the go


Iphone App This uses GPS technology to pinpoint houses for sale & even where you are standing. Click ‘get my current location’ & it shows a list of pads up for grabs! Finding the spread just got easier

Search Rightmove in an APP search


8. Uncover Rightmove ads’ secret histories

Property-bee This free add on for web browser Firefox is super-fast! It works with property listings on RM to show you how sellers alter their listings, crucially, price cuts. It allows you to see when the seller put the property up for sale; each time they cut the price & by how much; & if it was taken off the market & put back on. These are all useful bargaining chips in purchase negotiations.


9. Monitor dropped asking prices


This shows which properties in an area have recently dropped their asking prices & by how much. Simply type in a postcode to see who’s have having trouble offloading their house & what percentage they’ve trimmed the price by.


10. Look for repo’d properties

Ei Group

It is very possible to pick up a repo or distressed-sale properties at up to 30% below market value. For those willing to put in the work on research & repairs, these can most certainly, represent some of the best buys on the market.

Rob Moore
Rob Moore

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