Success Stories

A small selection of real Progressive people achieving real success through Progressive trainings, mentorship and support. Many from a standing start, many with little previous knowledge or experience and their own personal challenges to overcome. You may be able to relate to many of them. Start your property education today & be inspired by people like you.

Progressive VIP Programme Has Upped Our Property Game

Tash & Karen

Jackie Tomes

Glenn Delve

Anne Houlton

Graeme Swatton

MSOPI Experiences

Aaron Yahaya

Dan Bradbury

Anne Houlton

Luke Hamill

Iain McBain

Wendy Whitaker-Large

Stuart Mellody

Andi Cooke & Lloyd Giradi Property Results

Derek Whatley

Steve Pratt

Glenn Delve

Andy Churchill

Tracey & Nigel

Marc Nicholson

Ben & Andrew

Stuart & Kevin

Progressive VIPs

Success Stories

James Mason

Paul Towlson One Year On

Beckie Cooper

Martin Fowler

Halstead Ottley

Paul Towlson

Richard Lindon

Success Stories

Mehul Patel

£245,000 JV Finance…

I have raised £245,000 JV finance. £1,000,000 in Property [me alone] £500,000 in property [Company]. My company assets are £2,000,000. Cash flow is £15,000 of rent per month – Net £10,000

Success Stories

Kam Dovedi

£780,000 Equity & £7,800 Monthly Cash Flow!

After only 2 years’ of joining progressive Kam has a portfolio worth 2.9 million, £780,000 equity and a monthly cash flow of £7,800.

Ben Beaumont

£1.25M JV Investment…

After 4 months of “being in property” I have just shook hands on the first part of a £1.25m JV investment deal. Feeling pretty damn good!

Adam Eccleston

NET Profit Is £70,000…

Since joining the VIP Programme we have got 6 deals going through at the moment and all with JV finance. 3 BTLs we are keeping for the long term. We also have 3 properties for flipping using No Money down Strategies, the total net profit for these 3 properties is £70,000

Success Stories

Francis & Jane Dolley

Geoff Whittaker

£58,000 In Nine Months…

I’ve made £58,000 Cash Income in 9 months Selling Deals thanks to Rob, Mark & the Progressive trainings. These guys talk real sense and no BS

Trevor Cutmore

20 Deals,other peoples money…

I’ve done over 20 deals with other people’s money, and have over £35,000 per year net cashflow, and it’s all thanks to Progressive trainings.

Andy Churchill

Alex & Kat

Steve Evans

Gary Elliott

£2M in JV Finance…

Gary talks to Rob about how being part of the Progressive Community has helped him achieve his goals

Tash & Karen

From 5 to 25 Properties Worth £3.3Million...

Tash & Karen talk to Rob about how they have accelerated their portfolio thanks to Progressive

Nitin Patel

£6M Property Portfolio...

Father and son team build a £6M property portfolio with the help of Progressive

Andy Beach

A Massive 60% Below Market Value Deal…

Find out how Andy bought a five flat unit for £195,000, which has now been re valued at an amazing £490,000

Tash & Karen

Over £1M of property in the last 12 months...

Tash and Karen talk about their success at the VIP Awards

Ian McBain

£100k in a year…

Find out how Ian earned up to £100,000 after only a year of Progressive Education!

Richard Lyndon

I Quit My Job...

Richard quit his six figure salary and now sources and packages property deals full time…Watch the video above

Roy Inman

10 years' of success...

With over 10 years’ in the property market Roy has achieved a lot! Watch to find out how Roy built up a portfolio of 68 properties worth in excess of 6 million.

Tracey Woods

£1.1M Portfolio & and growing

Tracey reveals how her journey with Progressive has enabled her to double her cash-flow.

Andy Churchill

How Progressive has helped me to bring in over 6k a month!

With over £350,000 of JV finance Andy is on course to smash all of his financial targets.

Trevor Cutmore

28 properties and an impressive 50k cash flow a year…

Trevor is a real specialist in his field. Listen to his journey and what he’s achieved.

John Philbin

A portfolio worth an amazing 2 million and earning over £5,000 a month…

John reveals how he got there in yet another dazzling success story.

Kam Dovedi

£780,000 equity and a monthly cash flow of £7,800…

After only 2 years of joining progressive Kam has a portfolio worth 2.9 million!

Iain Wallis

Over 1 million equity and counting…!

Listen to how in just 3 years Iain now has a portfolio worth over £3 million…

John Wooley

At only 21 John is a real success story!

Listen to how he made 1 million in equity and got a property revalued for more than double the price…
Success Stories
Success Stories
Success Stories
Success Stories