There are many related business models to property that are complimentary and relatively simple to add, one once you become a professional investor.

Progressive isn’t just an education portal, or property training company, or an investing community. Progressive promotes multiple streams of property income.

Progressive has a Portfolio Building Service [PPB], a Letting Agency [PL], and a growing, UK Property Network [PPN]. Many of these complimentary property related businesses could help you too.

And Progressive’s major focus is the Progressive Education arm [below], which has touched over 350,000 people in the UK and 32 other countries, trained 10,000’s of people and helped 1,000’s towards freedom, choice and profit

This is not said to brag because the very best thing about Progressive is its community. The people. You. The sum of the knowledge, contacts and experience of all of us, and the support and accountability network.

PPN is your local Property Networking Event & investor Community. PPN is unlike any other networking event you’ve been to.

Forget dull and boring evenings with Vanilla speakers in dingy locations and awkward networking. Or getting pinned in a corner all night by someone trying to sell you something you don’t want. PPN is a Progressive, innovative and personal Property Network, for You, locally.  

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Progressive Lets is Progressive’s Letting Agency.

A logical step when you build a triple figure portfolio is to set up a Letting Agency, but we waited for 5 years and over 300 property purchases [just to be sure it was right J]. Progressive Lets was set up by Rob & Mark with Wayne Beecham. Wayne has built 2 Agencies pre-Progressive with 100’s of lets spanning a decade.  

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Progressive Success is Progressive’s business and personal development training arm.

Property is as much mindset as it is skillset. Progressive Success helps you start and scale your business, leveraging (Progressive) Media such as podcasts, social media, eCommerce, public speaking, brand and marketing and multiple streams of business income.

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Progressive Developments is Progressive’s development brand.

This is the brand for Mark and Rob’s personal property developments of commercial to residential projects, and the development of their city, including the gateway building to Peterborough and the old Mark’s & Spencer’s building.

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Progressive Media is Progressive’s media and publishing arm.

This started with the founders’ books Progressive self-published, but has exponentially grown into publishing books and audios for new and experienced authors, a dedicated podcast agency and a growing social media agency. Progressive manage many celebrities and influencers, and have fully dedicated studios, audio recording booths and global livestream facilities. This is a sign of the times and progressive’s commitment to innovation and technology.

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