Vision and Values

We are:

Helping as many people across the planet invest for freedom choice & profit through educated property investment.

If you want a personal community company that cares about you and genuinely wants to help, and has the best reputation in the industry for support, giving, community and accountability, Progressive is the right education partner for you.

If you want a big cold machine to churn you out, were not for you. But if you want a personal community company that cares about you, genuinely wants to help you, and has the best reputation in the industry for support, giving, community and accountability, we have a long future together.

Progressive Mission

To inspire, educate and support your journey to financial security, freedom and fortune, through multiple streams of (property) income, making property investment accessible to everyone

Progressive believe that property is not just about bricks and mortar but also about people. We believe in community, education, support and accountability.

The Progressive Values

We believe life is best lived as a progressive journey towards knowing, making and giving more. Empowering the greatness already within everyone. Making money whilst making a difference.

All of our brands follow the same core values:


We seek to continually move forward, improve, take on feedback and educate ourselves and the community for multiple streams of property income.


We constantly strive for development. We research, test and then teach the most innovative property cashflow strategies, having brought many of the existing ones to the market first. We blaze the trail.


Despite our ever growing reach, we commit to being open, accessible and personally involved in the (Progressive) property community. We care.

We continually strive to bring an expanding community of like-minded people together, break down personal and financial barriers and giving you belief, purpose as well as education and support.

Who We Are

We are Progressive, innovative and personal

We are constantly revolutionising, blazing the trail

We are responsible, dynamic & passionate

What Do We Exist To Do?

Progressive Property help property start ups, scale ups and mess ups make more property profit without the pain.

Whether just starting out on limited or no funds, or nearing retirement, Progressive help you with education, mentorship and community for more equity, capital growth and income.

What is Unique About Progressive?

Progressive believe we have created more property millionaires and success stories than anyone in the UK. The Progressive community get results, as long as you follow the system.

Progressive also create the next generation of trainers in the industry – we are the trainer to the trainers. Progressive walk the walk; investing in what we teach , blazing the trail and testing the markets to save you time and money, and all trainers are Progressive home grown.

Without Progressive the world would be a little less colourful, fun and energetic. There would be fewer financially free and educated property investors. There would be more financial calamities and less support.