Multiple Streams of Property Income (MSOPI) Progressive Property

Multiple Streams of Property Income (MSOPI)

Gain Long Term Financial Security from Property

This intensive, fun and rewarding three day course has immeasurably helped tens of thousands of investors take steps towards financial freedom

Start Your Property Empire

The UK’s brightest property investment experts will offer you in-depth, practical knowledge of buy-to-let properties, property trading, raising finance and how to build a mighty portfolio from the ground up.


Many thanks

Many thanks especially to Toni, Kevin and David for a fantastic 3 days at MSOPI this weekend. I brought my son with me and now he understands why I get so excited about property and the big difference mixing with like minded people can make. I made the decision to change our lives and joined VIP.. signed up for some courses and can't wait to get started. I'll be honest, it's all a bit scary but I know that we'll get great support in this community... so here goes!
- Nikki Matheson


In October 2016 I found MSOPI, Fantastic!!! I have pushed but need to push harder, I wanted to deal source. Wanted to build cash flow and make a name, build a brand. Not giving up. I secured my 1st deal yesterday for overseas investor dealing direct to vendor. Investor now will have instant equity in a great location of knowle ( Solihull). The light refurb will be managed and will be LET, hands off investment! Thank you Progressive, progressive Birmingham & Grant Mcewan. Need more, want more, feed the beast! Will help anyone that needs a boost.
- Adam Ismay

Thank You Progressive!

Thank You Progressive! Some 18 months ago my Husband Kenneth Martin attended his first MISOPI in Glasgow and was truly inspired by Paul Smith. Kenneth Martin told me about the SA strategy and having a background and and eduction in hospitality it was a perfect fit. I got into action soon after planning my strategy and setting up some basic systems. A year ago today I welcomed my very first guest in the first property. It has been an exciting year, everything has not been perfect but it would be no fun if it was. I have the privilege of working along side an incredible team of people who are making Scottish Serviced Apartments bigger better and stronger every day. We have incredible JV partners that are a joy to work with. Currently we have 22 units open which will double in the coming months. I am so looking forward to the future I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to the progressive community in particular Paul Smith. A personal thank you to my incredible husband for his unfaltering support and belief in me. He has is own progressive journey reaching for the stars with commercial development. This community has changed our lives forever and I am very grateful to be celebrating our first birthday.
- Sandra Martin

Interested in attending the next Multiple Streams of Property Income live event?

When you join us you will discover:

  • How to make more money from ONE simple property deal than you make in 6 months of paid work.
  • A simple strategy to lock in a quick £900/month income (& how to repeat it again and again...)
  • How to make an immediate £3,000.00 without buying a single property.
  • Proven formulas to invest in property without a deposit or a mortgage for instant ongoing monthly cashflow.
  • How to get the hottest property deals (these deals NEVER appear in Estate Agent’s windows).
  • How to give up your job within 30-90 days and live off your property income WITHOUT the need for a large cash pot, mortgage or loans.
  • Why and how property can make you wealthy, regardless of experience or cash to start, & how to find properties at silly low prices (WAY below market price) without paying a single penny.
  • How to make £500,000 from ONE property deal – thanks to a little known recent government policy change.
  • How to get UNLIMITED finance to build your portfolio (hint: you can do this WITHOUT using either a mortgage company OR a bank!)
  • How to have a flood of local deals at 25%-55% discount whilst others are paying full price! (Using these methods you can take your pick of properties which are substantially under market value).

Multiple Streams of Property Income Event

At the Multiple Streams of Property Income event you’ll hear from other property investors who are experts in buy-to-let, property trading, raising finance and other ways of building a property portfolio from scratch into a multi-million pound business.

You’ll be networking with like-minded people – ordinary people who share your aspirations. You’ll make lifelong friends and together you will build the life of your dreams. Whilst your friends moan about their jobs and meagre pensions, you’ll be securing your financial future.
Over the three days you will learn innovative methods of property wealth creation. It’s intensive but also fun. Our trainers have all ‘been there, done that’ and you can relax in the certainty that you are getting the expert help you deserve.

The Progressive Property Multiple Streams of Property Income event is the only event of its kind in the UK where you can learn all these property secrets. Since our first training sessions in 2006 we have helped over 140,000 people on their way to becoming successful property investors.
We’d be honoured and privileged to help YOU achieve your property, income and personal goals too. Many have transformed their lives and income (up to £10,000 NET cashflow per month) within 12-24 months of receiving our training. But don't take our word for it...