Investing in a buy-to-let property portfolio is one of the best ways to create passive, monthly income, increase monthly cashflow and build wealth to create a secure, financial future for yourself.

Watch property investor and Progressive Property trainer, Katy Wilson, give you the full insider details. She started with £0 and has gone on to build a multi-million pound property portfolio.

Katy Wilson has been in property for over 6 years. Katys’ made some mistakes, but had HUGE successes and wants to share them with you!

Before Katy got into property, she was a Project Manager in the IT industry, working in London for some BIG name clients (including The Royal Family). Living in Nottingham and working in London while having to stay in hotels, the arrangement just didn’t work and led to Katy quitting her job with nothing else lined up.

She read loads of books, listened to loads of podcasts and absorbed as much information as she could about investing in property.

Katy got tickets to Progressive Property’s flagship event – Multiple Streams of Property Income – and the rest is history!

Is property investing good?

Yes! There’s a reason people say “as safe as houses”. Investing in property is one of the best, safest investments you’ll ever make. 

Investing in buy-to-let properties is a numbers game, the more properties you have, the bigger your monthly cashflow passive income, which can amount to life changing sums of money.

When you have the right education and know how to do it correctly, you can invest a lot quicker and more effectively so that the cashflow increases even faster.

How can I invest in a property portfolio with little money?

You can actually invest in property with none to little of your own money. There’s a property strategy called No Money Down which has multiple ways to do this.

One of them is by raising Joint Venture finance you can buy properties in cash. You can also use the money for refurbishments and then refinance the property within 6 months. This allows you to pull the sum of money out to pay back your JV partner.

Learning how to raise investor finance is one of the best skills to have when becoming a property investor. Then you never need to worry about having a lack of funds to expand your property portfolio, ever again. 

When you focus on working with investors, the sky becomes the limit. It will massively accelerate and catapult your property business.

Many people think “I’ll never be able to raise huge amounts of money from investors”, but it’s actually a lot simpler than you think.

The easiest way to do this is by telling EVERYONE that you’re a property investor.

What makes a good investment property?

A good investment property is defined by being able to buy it at the right price, a property that doesn’t need too much money spent on it to get it up to a good living standard (you don’t want to be doing MASSIVE refurbishments) and has a really strong rental income.

The houses that investors such as Katy Wilson LOVE, are your typical ex-council, ex-local authority houses. Built really strong (back when the councils had massive budgets to be able to build them), with great layouts, driveways, front and back gardens.

New build properties more often than not, are not a good investment property. Why? Because their prices are over inflated and there’s a chance you could be in negative equity if you don’t buy them properly. 

When you buy an older/used property, you have the opportunity to add value which means you can also pull more money out on your Buy, Refurbish, Refinance strategy.

How many properties does someone need in their property portfolio to be financially free? 

This depends on what you currently earn. 

The average income in the UK is around £31,500 per year, that’s just over £2,100 net in your bank account every month. This means you only need a maximum of 8 properties to be able to be completely financially free! 

That is calculated as just living off the net cashflow each month, not considering when you refinance and pull large amounts of money out of the property, technically you could live off that as well.

Is it the right time to invest in property?

Despite what some people say, there’s never a right time to invest in property. If you wait around to do it you’ll never do it and miss an amazing opportunity. 

Progressive Property’s Co-Founder and Owner, Mark Homer always says “DON’T wait to buy property, buy property and wait.”

For those people who say “Why are you investing in property right now, because we’re going to have a crash?” The reality is, yes, at some point in the future there will be a property crash, however, if you are a professional property investor and want to build a buy-to-let portfolio, you are in theory going to keep these properties long term. 

If you’re investing long term, a property crash shouldn’t affect you. If anything, it will be positive because rents will continue to go higher. Everyone needs somewhere to live and there will always be demand for someone to live in a rental property.

What are some passive income ideas?

Starting a buy-to-let property portfolio is one of the best ways to create monthly recurring, passive income.

The more buy-to-let properties you have, the more passive income is generated. When you start to add them up, the amount of money can be life changing.

Many investors, such as Katy Wilson, don’t manage any of their properties themselves. They leverage their power team and have a Lettings Agency manage them instead – making the property a completely passive source of income. 

The key is leveraging EVERYTHING out so that your income is truly passive. 

Why should you invest in property and create a property portfolio?

Investing in property is one of the safest investments you can make.

You need to get started in property and start an income generating property portfolio. Until you get educated, you have no idea the amount of money you can pull out of properties for you to either live on or invest in more property to grow your portfolio.

Everybody should do buy-to-let property investing, it should be your bread and butter and the foundation of your property portfolio. 

Once you have this covered you can move on and try one of the sexier property investing strategies out there: Deal Packaging, Serviced Accommodation, HMOs, Commercial Conversions and more!

If you think education is expensive, ignorance is worse. With regards to property, you need to learn from other people’s experiences, mistakes and strategies to achieve success. This will not only save you money, but make you more money! 

Investing successfully in property isn’t down to luck. It’s a process, consistent action taken with a proven plan that has worked for other property investing experts. 

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