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Progressive educates, inspires and guides you from where you are through the 3 levels of property profit: Security, Freedom and Fortune. Whether you have little time, part time or full time, Progressive can help you make money for a lifetime.

Progressive was co-founded in January 2007 by investor-entrepreneurs Mark Homer and Rob Moore. Progressive was largely an accident: the founders only had intentions to build their own property portfolio. But once they achieved freedom and income in their 20s, people kept asking for their strategies and secrets. Fast forward to now and Progressive is the UK’s largest, yet still most personal property education company.

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The UK’s largest property yet most personal educators, changing the lives of 10,000s of start-ups, investors and entrepreneurs.

The company was formed in 2007 on a fold-out dining room table by 20-something investors Rob Moore and Mark Homer. For the first 3 years, when they built up a portfolio of around 100 properties, they had no intention of running a training company, just their joint portfolio. The success of their first book, Property Investing Secrets, catapulted the UK’s largest property community with over half a million members.

To help as many people across the planet invest for freedom, choice & profit, through educated property investment.

You don’t need money, or previous experience, you just need to make the decision and take that first or next step…

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Life & Income Changing Training Events

Progressive teach and share step-by-step education, mentoring and community to help you invest successfully in property for equity, growth and income. We give you education and inspiration, and with a little perspiration you can take your investing and income to the next level, be that part time, full time or big time.


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You can learn more about our proven systems through our life-changing property courses, training events, bestselling books, podcasts, blogs, videos, emails and social media


Progressive Successes

Here at Progressive Property we pride ourselves on a personal approach, getting to know people at different stages of their property journey

Tash & Sharon

In Three Years They Have Bought 25 Properties Worth £3.3 million


Derek Pape

Quit His Job Climbing Ladders To Invest In Property


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