Our Co-founders 

Progressive was built by property multi-millionaire co-Founders Rob Moore & Mark Homer after they achieved financial independence through property in their 20’s

Two very different people with a shared vision and passion for property.

Neither Rob nor Mark intended to build a property training business, let alone the largest one in the UK, they simply wanted to invest in property themselves, full time, for more freedom, choice and profit.

Rob began in 2005, £50,000 in consumer debt struggling as an artist. Mark was stuck in the corporate rat race with no passion or way up the corporate career ladder. A chance meeting in December 2005, and a weird and unlikely partnership built Progressive from a room in Rob’s tiny dining room, to nearly 1,000 properties bought, sold and managed, multiple best-selling books, a community of over 500,000 people and 800 Progressive property events a year.

Rob & Mark are still full time investors and buy commercial and residential projects to this day, but it wasn’t always that way...

Rob Moore & Mark Homer

Our Co-Founders 

Rob Moore

Mark Homer