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Gary Das
Kiran Patel
Andy Sawiak
Michael Primrose
Zoe Back
Michelle Niziol
Neil Briggs
Emerald Fisk
Gary Das
Phone: 01245 850165
Active Mortgage was voted best broker 2019 at Mortgage Strategy Awards (Oscars of our industry). Gary is the best selling author of The Self-employed Mortgage Guide (#1 in Real Estate on Amazon)
In 2019 they raised £132,650,113 from a variety of Residential, Buy to Let (& SPVS), HMO, Self-Build Finance. Active Mortgage work with first time buyers and investors through to property portfolios worth millions
Their focus is making mortgage and finances easy so you can buy our invest as quickly and efficiently as possible
Neil Briggs
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 01908 033888 | 07812733982

Neil Briggs is the owner of Octagon Financial an independent mortgage practice, with a team of experienced brokers working alongside Neil they have access to the whole market and exclusive products available thought their network, they can offer all types of mortgages including regulated contracts, buy to let, serviced accommodation/Holiday let lending along with bridging and commercial finance too. Neil not only is a very experienced broker but also sees it from the other side being a property investor with a variety of owned assets including single lets, HMO, commercial properties and undertakes ground up developments and commercial conversions so has first hand experience on all aspects of property and finance
Kiran Patel
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0114 453 5067
Kiran Patel is the Managing Director of family-run brokerage Venture Finance. The firm is based in Sheffield and serves clients UK-wide.
Venture Finance specializes in commercial mortgages, bridging loans and development finance.
As a delegate, Kiran completed Progressive VIP in 2016, along with a number of other Progressive courses.
Progressive started our journey of building a rental portfolio of single lets and HMOs.
Progressive’s mentoring enabled us to work with investors and JV partners to create a volume business out of our existing flips strategy. This resulted in an increase from 2 flips in 3 years to 15 in one year.
We have made several contributions to YPN’s magazine and podcasts, both as property investors and commercial finance brokers.
Being property investors and developers ourselves, we offer a unique service as a commercial finance brokerage. There aren’t many challenges our clients will face that we haven’t ourselves personally.
There is good reason that Progressive teach to create a power team of professionals who invest in property themselves. We not only walk the walk, but share a common aspirational mindset, to ensure you achieve your property goals.
Andy Sawiak
Phone: 01536 420290
A qualified financial planner and regulated mortgage broker in a family-run firm. In the industry since 2005. Having focused mainly on BTL in the 3 years I can advise on the right finance for the right project in either personal name or LTD company
We offer a complete financial service including pensions, life assurance, investment and wealth management, mortgage services (Residential mortgages, BTL, HMO and holiday let) and general insurance
Emerald Fisk
Phone: 02921 111 280 / 07805 277 017
Mobile: 07805 277 017
Emerald Fisk is a Property Investor as well as Mortgage Broker, so understands what her clients are trying to achieve from a unique point of view, as she is often facing similar challenges.
Emerald Specialises in Commercial finance, Development finance and Bridging loans,  but has also brokered hundreds of BTL and HMO mortgages.
Emerald won VIP JV of the year in 2018 and since then has continued to grow her portfolio going from strength to strength.  
Emerald is a whole off Market Broker, from an award-winning firm, and can get her clients the best rates available to them.
Emerald is known for her excellent customer service, fast response rate and problem-solving abilities.
Emerald is passionate about Property, Wealth building and Financial services, there is no such thing as a silly question, so feel free to get in touch with her for a chat.
Michael Primrose
Phone: 01775 713777
Owner of The Property Finance Guy and the Property Finance Academy
A Commercial Finance Broker specialising in Development Finance, Bridging Loans and Commercial Mortgages
The Property Finance Guy was set up in order to give Developers and Investors access to a trustworthy and reliable Broker. Michael is passionate about creating a Brokerage that can raise hundreds of millions of pounds for Developers and Investors, whilst educating them on the best and cheapest ways to finance their deals
With so much noise in the industry, look no further for the solution to financing your next deal
Zoe Back
Phone: 01733 857785
Zoe Back is the Director of Zest Financial Ltd who are based in Peterborough, she has been a Qualified Broker for 15 years. Zoe specialises in buy to let mortgages including HMO, Ltd Company, Student Lets and Serviced Accommodation. She also excels in refinancing properties so deposits can be acquired to start a property journey or to grow an existing portfolio
Zoe works with her clients to ensure they are well informed and provides step by step guidance to first time landlords and portfolio landlords alike. Zest Financial is a whole of Market Brokerage giving Progressive Property clients access to the best rates and mortgage products
The relationship between Zoe and Progressive Property has developed over many years. You will often see Zoe at the mortgage section of Masterclass, her excellent knowledge and personal ability enable her to answer a vast array of questions on mortgages
Being a landlord herself she really understands the needs and concerns of investors
Zoe has helped hundreds of people obtain mortgages over the years including, Mark Homer and Rob Moore. Her experience has helped develop the knowledge needed to know exactly what lenders will lend, based on your individual circumstances and how to present cases appropriately for a successful outcome
Michelle Niziol
Phone: 01869 248339
CEO & Founder of IMS Property Group & Michelle Niziol Ltd (a group of five investment/management companies based in Bicester)
Famously known for her season 12 debut on The Apprentice
Currently has a starring role on Sky TV as a leading property expert (Property Question Time, Property Elevator & Women in Property)
Also a regular contributor to The Oxford Times, Money Pages & What Mortgage along with also hosting successful podcasts - Michelle's Property Corner, Niziol Bespoke Property Matters & Michelle Means Business