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The very best thing about property investing is what you get to give

The very Best thing about property investing is what you get to give.

Thanks to some pain we’ve experienced, a desire to do more than just make money, and the Progressive Community, Progressive proudly support…

Both Rob and business partner Mark have had very close loved ones (Mark’s father and uncle) die of Cancer.

Without property, we doubt we’d really be able to make much of a difference for the lives of other people – tenants, refurb teams, maintenance men, letting agents, all of whom benefit from the work Progressive do, as well as the charity work we feel compelled to do.

If you can’t give back and help others, then life just isn’t as rewarding, is it?

Together, the Progressive Community have donated up to 50% of event ticket revenues, raised £100,000’s at the Progressive events, with Rob & Mark embarrassing themselves at a couple of marathons, to amass well over 6 figures for great causes.

More recently Rob set up the Rob Moore foundation, to help young and underprivileged people across the globe get better finaicial education and start and scale their enterprises. All of Rob’s profits from his book “Money” go to his foundation.

Perhaps we can work together, and the great thing about the Progressive Community is you help to be a part of that too, so thank you.