Top UK Property Events for Investors: Online & In-person Networking

Discover the best online and in-person property events in the UK. Join Progressive Property for top property investment courses, networking events, and expert training.

Leading UK Property Events for Investors

At Progressive Property we offer a wide range of online and in-person property events in the UK. Whether you're new, experienced, or a pro, our events suit all stages of your property investment journey.

Boost Your Investment Skills with Progressive Property Events

Our property investor community and experts are here to support you, wherever you are. We provide educational property investment courses and networking events to help you achieve financial freedom as quickly as possible.

Why Attend Our Property Events?

Online Property Events

We host various online property events like web classes, summits and challenges covering essential topics such Buy-to-Let, No Money Down, Serviced Accommodation, Deal Packaging, Commercial Property, HMOs and more.

These online events provide you with all the knowledge you need from home, allowing flexible learning at your own pace. Our online courses and events change to match the current property market, providing high-quality education.

Explore our online property courses and events below. Each session offers valuable insights and practical knowledge to help you get ahead of the competition and hit your goals in property investing.

In-person Property Events

Our in-person property events are the best in the UK and you will get no other learning experience like them.

Lively and full of energy, strategies and expert techniques - they give you the chance to not only learn, but also network with property investors, experts, and potential partners. Discover new property investment strategies and meet others with similar goals.

Our events vary in size, from small groups to large seminars for property investors, both new and experienced. We offer courses like Multiple Streams of Property Income, Deal Packaging, No Money Down Discovery Days, and Serviced Accommodation events.

Multiple Streams of
Property Income Course

Our flagship, three-day event is the UK's number one property investment education event.

Get in-depth training on various property investment strategies, from buy-to-let to commercial conversions. Perfect for getting the most up to date knowledge and meeting other dedicated investors.

Deal Packaging Events

Learn how to source and package property deals to sell to other investors and create a profitable business. Our experts will guide you through practical exercises to help you apply what you learn.

No Money Down Discovery Days

Discover how to invest in property with no money. Learn about joint ventures and other methods to start your property portfolio without using conventional finance.

Serviced Accommodation Events

Learn how to find, furnish, and manage Serviced Accommodations for maximum returns. Learn from those who are currently earning thousands in profit per month and replicate their simple steps.

Join Our Property Investment Community

Have questions or want to learn more? Contact us today on 01733 898557, and a member of our team will help you. We are passionate about helping you achieve your property investment goals, offering ongoing support and resources.

Enhance Your Property Investing Skills with Progressive Property

By joining our property events, you will gain valuable knowledge and build a network of like-minded individuals who could become Joint Venture partners.

Networking is key to successful property investing, and our events provide plenty of opportunities to connect with other investors and industry professionals.

Our training courses are your blueprint for success. We give you our decades of insider insight, experience and practical exercises so you can apply what you learn directly to your investments. Whether online or in-person, you'll leave our events with actionable steps and a clear path forward to achieve in a matter of months.

Property Education for All Levels

We offer top-quality education for investors at all levels. From beginner courses on the basics to advanced strategies for experienced investors looking to become property moguls, our courses help you reach your financial goals quickly, reducing risk and cost.