Property Events

Progressive run 4 main types of events across the UK

These are suitable for any stage of your property journey from beginner, intermediate and seasoned pro.

Whether you’re a beginner who likes full immersion courses and hand holding support, or an advanced, self motivated investor who wants easily consumable knowledge to crack on and take action, Progressive delivers immersion courses, accountability programmes, CD’s, DVD’s, Apps & innovation, networking events; even the UK’s largest SuperConferences. And, importantly, at very fair prices, with big guarantees, personal support, accountability and community.

At Progressive, we are unique in that we only teach what we do, so you can too. There are many Progressive copy-cats, we trained many of the competitors in the space, but people come to Progressive for the special community, support and collaboration, even when they have trained with other companies.

Upcoming Events

Multiple Streams of Property Income (MSOPI)

Start Your Own Property Empire

Beginners Property Secrets (BPS)

Grill the UK’s top Property Investors!