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Proven, practical, real-life information from Progressive trainers and podcast hosts.

Dive into the best property podcast for investors at all levels of experience, from amateurs to veterans and everyone in between. Listen and learn how to start, grow and scale your own property portfolio, understand the creative investment strategies investors UK investors are using right now to create property cashflow, hear from millionaire and billionaire property investors in exclusive interviews and keep up to date with the latest market trends, news and regulations with the UK’s #1 property podcast. 

The Progressive property investment podcast is carefully compiled to give you no fluff, no filler, no adverts; only the most thought-provoking, informative and penetrating insights into the property world, to help you become a more accomplished, better informed and wealthier property investor. It doesn’t matter whether you are a multi-letter, a deal packager, a flipper, a “buy and hold” investor, or any other form of property entrepreneur...

Our podcast features many great guests from all walks of the property industry. Here are just a few:

- Pierre-Yves Gerbeau- Manager of the millennium dome (now called the o2 dome)

- Neville Wright - founder of kiddicare, sold his business for £70 million, author of 37p ro £100 million

- Andreas Panayiotou - property developer, the founder of Ability Group, and once the UK's largest private landlord

The Progressive property podcast will educate and inspire you, for free, for more freedom, choice and profit.

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