Deal Packaging Discovery

Money Making Strategies Without Mortgages, Loans or Debt

Monetising 'Reject' Deals You Don’t Keep in Your Portfolio

This course reveals how to make cash in your spare time and replace your income by monetising almost every deal - especially those you don't want to keep for yourself!

The strategies you'll learn at this course don't require mortgages, loans or debt at all. This course is a step-by-step guide to finding investors, making deals irresistible to investors through "magnetic marketing packs", negotiating, tying up deals legally and completing the deals.

You can package and sell deals using just a mobile phone and computer – you could literally trade deals from the beach if you wanted to!

Just follow our 3 simple but most effective start up techniques for sourcing great deals and finding investors who are hungry to buy them. It doesn’t matter whether you are experienced or whether you are brand new to property. You can start today.

We will let you know the sexy secrets to this risk free property investment strategy whether you want to do this full time or part time.

Get your business flowing from day one!

Our expert trainers will show you exactly what they does every day in their business to generate leads for great investment properties and also how to find cash rich investors who are looking for cash flow and a secure home for their money in bricks and mortar. We focus in particular on 3 zero cost, or really low cost strategies to get business flowing from Day One.

Deal Packaging is the fastest way possible to bring in cash flow through property investing!

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27/03/2020 - Peterborough

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This morning's Deal Packaging Discovery was eye opening! A real motivational pitch and one that makes more sense to me than any other strategy! Here's to all the community members and team at Progressive! So happy to be included in such a friendly, supportive and inspirational group.

Mark Nicholson


Deal Packaging Discovery weekend done and the Mastermind booked for January. Now going on the Public Speaking Discovery Day at Progressive Towers today. Love the buzz around this part of Peterborough.

Marcus Chapman


At it again, training at Progressive in Peterborough. Today was Deal Packaging Discovery Day with David Siegler. Fantastic day David, you were great. 40%, that's what we want! I be back soon for more self development.

Devon Marrett

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