Our Main Property Courses

Why not take a look at our 6 flagship events and take your next leap into your property journey everything from No Money down to Commercial property, not sure what to get involved with? Why not come to our Flagship event Multiple Streams of Property Income where we cover everything and anything property investing related!

Multiple Streams of Property Income

Welcome to Progressive Property’s flagship training event! A 3 Day introduction course to everything property investing!

Beginners Property Secrets

Property investing for beginners? Then this is for you.If you’re thinking “How do I start off investing in property?

No Money Down

Attract a huge choice of Investment Partners, Want to learn how to invest in property with no money?

Serviced Accommodation

You can make on average 500% more profit than from standard single let properties! Serviced accommodation is for you!

Deal Packaging

Earn HUGE Amounts Of Cash To Build Your Property Empire, take your journey into Deal Packaging.

Commercial Property

This strategy is when you take a commercial building and turn it into residential accommodation such as a block of flats.

Life Changing Property Courses

At Progressive Property we offer property investment courses and property training programmes for every type of investor, at every stage of the investing journey. We pride ourselves on providing courses for every personality type, with both online and in-person course delivery that gives you convenient options for your personal development.

Throughout all of our training, we teach and share invaluable guidance to mastering the UK’s buy-to-let and commercial property market. The goal of our property courses is to educate and teach you the latest property strategies and to inspire you to take your property investing to the next level.

Introductory & Discovery Courses

We offer a wide range of introductory and discovery courses tailored to new investors with step-by-step systems and guides that are easy to follow. These are low cost, sometimes free property courses and events for you to try out with Progressive Property and find the perfect strategy for you.

Get ready to discover the top individual investment strategies including buy-to-let, serviced accommodation, deal packaging and commercial strategies that are right for you. If you are new to property, don’t know what strategies are out there, which property courses are right for you, or simply want to test out our full range of property investment courses, our introductory and discovery events are for you.

Our in-person property courses are usually at Progressive HQ in Peterborough, PE7 8GX and we might be the only UK property training company that owns our own buildings; around 10,000 sq.ft. of office and training venue. This is why we can pass the cost saving onto you and with our expert education and bespoke training facilities, we can’t wait to welcome you to your training venue soon!

Masterminds & Mentorships

If you feel you need accountability, support and community, these are for you.

If you’ve invested in property courses but you are struggling to piece it all together and need some additional one-to-one guidance from our master property trainers and mentors, or if you’ve completed property investment courses with other providers who can’t match Progressive’s unrivalled support and community, then these are also for you. 

Why? Because to know and not to do is not to know, so if you’re looking for a mentor, support or to join a mastermind group filled with like-minded investors and experts in your chosen property investment strategy, you’re in the right place.




Open to experienced investors only

This property investment academy is by application only with strictly limited availability.

Currently there are over 400 active delegates within our Academy community who have purchased a combined property portfolio of over £400,000,000. Yes, that’s right... £400Million!

The Progressive Property Academy is now the largest UK property course and mastermind of active professional property investors of all levels and experience. Our community are here to help you build your property portfolio and reach your cash flow goals. If you’re looking to join and learn from a supportive and empowering community of property investors and entrepreneurs utilising every one of our creative investment strategies, the Progressive Property Academy is for you.

These are local property networking meet-ups. To find your nearest property networking event, click the button below!

Progressive Property Network are local property networking and property meet-ups near you, designed to help you find and discover property investment opportunities, new joint-venture partners and like-minded property investors in your local area.

Progressive Property Network events help you get involved in the property community, get an insight into a range of property investment courses and discover the world of property and the success it can bring you on your doorstep!  To find your nearest property networking event, click the button below!

"You are your best asset, invest in yourself wisely, you pay the best interest." 

- Rob Moore