Beginners Property Secrets

Don’t know anything about property? Start at the beginning!

At Beginners Property Secrets you will Learn the basics of Buy-To-Let, Buy-To-Sell (Flipping), & Joint Ventures from the UK's top property trainers and investors is the ideal solution for anyone wishing to get a firmer grasp on how the experts make money from property.

At the heart of Progressive Property, in the training academy of our Peterborough offices, you'll pick the brains of the investors who spend their lives making money from the Buy-To-Let boom - and who are eager to teach you the tried, tested and 100% proven investing systems that have brought them success.

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When you join us you will discover:

How to use minimum cash time & risk for maximum cashflow
How to grow your portfolio & pension provision for the long term
The shortest route to property cashflow success
And so much more!

Beginners Property Secrets gives any investor a head start, even when you're starting from 0. 

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What others are saying:

What a great couple of days. First, I attended the Beginners Property Secrets and then today my first VIP day. Everyone was so welcoming and I really felt like part of the community. Watch this space guys, onwards and upwards. Thank you so much for making Steve and I so at home and see you all there again next month.

Kay Bennallack

What a great couple of days

Had a fantastic day at Progressive Towers on the Beginners Property Secrets day. Learned loads and made some new friends, hopefully for years to come!!

Mikki Ashton

Fantastic day

OMG!!! Sorry guys, I just have to add to my previous post… I’ve just realised that 1 year today was the day I did my first BPS, hosted by Rebecca Smith and Toni Gargan… Bought our first in February and we’ve actually exchanged on our 7th property today HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MEEEEEE!!!! Number 8 is next week and then 9 is about 6 weeks. I bloody love Progressive!!!! MASSIVE thank you and gratitude to EVERYONE who has helped me in my first year! Here’s to the next 12 months!!! xxx

Adam Galbraith

Massive shoutout for Progressive and all the staff

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