Serviced Accommodation Discovery Day

You can make on average 500% more profit than from standard single let properties!

Serviced Accommodation is when you take a flat or house and instead charge by the night, week or month, similar to a hotel.
With the 2020/2021/2022 staycation booms taking over, hosts for sites such as Airbnb are cashing in. Last year, UK hosts reportedly earned more than £225 million!
Do you want in on that action?
Learn the game changing techniques that are helping savvy property investors achieve their financial goals in MONTHS instead of years.
Get the insider knowledge of the system that has made hundreds of our delegates financially free with a steady, passive, monthly income.

You will be given a one-day introduction to:

The simple 5 Step System to set up YOUR fully leveraged and outsourced SA Business
How to source SA deals direct to Landlords via online portals like Gumtree, OpenRent etc.
What type of property works as SA?
What is the Correct Planning Use Class for SA
How one guy sourced 11 R2SA properties within a year of doing the training by texting landlords who were advertising their properties to rent on Gumtree – you will get the exact script he used on the course.
How to make HUGE profits from property you already own or buy for SA
How to set up your business structure including putting together your power team
How to be fully compliant - Terms and conditions, compliance and tax
All the different Acquisition methods - from R2SA to commercial conversion into SA
How to prepare and market your units
How to manage guest communication and reviews
And much more!​

If you’re just starting out on your property investing journey OR you’re looking for a strategy to generate MASSIVE cashflow to help build your portfolio, then this is for you.

You can gain HUGE profits from this property strategy, but only if you know how to do it correctly. 

There are many pitfalls, challenges and cash drains if you get it wrong, do it in the wrong area or take on the wrong type of bookings. Getting an education first is VITAL.

Simply fill out the form and we’ll get you booked in for the next available date.

What others are saying:

“Before attending Serviced Accommodation, I was at an all time low. Recently divorced with my equestrian business of nearly 20 years failing, I was in a lot of debt and felt completely lost. I knew I wanted to be the best in SA, so I had to sign up. Now my confidence has grown, I believe in myself again and look at the results to prove it:

> Own 4 R2SA units
> Profit of £56K
> Turning over just short of £20K per month
> More money than I have earned in 25 years!
> Got my first R2SA unit within only 4 weeks of doing the intensive SA course
> Managing 12 other properties
> About to take on my first Virtual Assistant
> Looking at doing Joint Venture with apart-hotels with 2 people
> Quickly grown my holiday letting business in just 1 year”

Cara S

Having attended many PP events and taken up training and mentorship, we decided Serviced Accommodation was one of a few strategies we'd adopt. This community has put us in contact with many inspirational and experienced people, a few of whom have become good friends and great mentors, all of whom have helped contribute to our journey so far.

Darren Grigas

Progressive completely changed our lives. Over the last 12 months, we have built a 6 figure Deal Packaging and Serviced Accommodation management business, become financially free and sacked our bosses! The support and assistance we have received has been truly incredible and it is the one thing that makes this company what it is!

Chris Taylor