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Serviced Accommodation is the fastest-growing property investment strategy in the UK and it’s only getting bigger. The demand for flexible short to medium-term accommodation with more amenities which include a range of home-like amenities and hotel-like services, all included within the overall rental price designed to act a ‘home away from home’ is big business and platforms such as Airbnb and are driving more and more Serviced Accommodation bookings every single year.

Investing in Serviced Accommodation gives the investor the opportunity to earn 300-500% more profit than traditional long-term buy-to-let investments and with very little risk and massive potential for growth as their flexibility, utility and design attract a higher-level of tenant (guest) willing to pay a premium. 

An apartment that may be worth £1000/pm as a long-term let could be converted to a serviced apartment at £100 per night meaning in just 10 nights of occupancy investors can generate what a long-term let makes in a month, and the rest is profit and due to the success of Airbnb and attracting a high volume of guests to your serviced apartment has never been easier and savvy property investors everywhere are even profiting from Serviced Accommodation without even purchasing a property using a little known strategy called ‘Rent to SA’.

Serviced Accommodation today is connecting guests and their accommodation like we’ve never seen before and putting the power back in the property investors hands making property maintenance, marketing, selling and overall property investing easier than ever before.    

With the right knowledge Serviced Accommodation investing can be done by anybody, you no longer need to buy, refurbish and refinance properties to make a profit, Serviced Accommodation and ‘Rent to SA’ give the investor the chance to leverage the success of Airbnb and to safely and securely profit from property and generate huge sums of monthly cashflow and as a result, landlords all over the UK are selling up their portfolios and re-investing in Serviced Accommodation as short-term serviced apartment bookings show no sign of slowing down.

What is classed as Serviced Accommodation?

Serviced Accommodation units are usually houses, apartments or rooms that can be booked on a short-term basis on platforms such as Airbnb and and feature kitchen facilities, Wifi, separate bathrooms and have regular maid servicing. Rates generally reduce as the length of stay increases. A typical serviced apartment offers 30% more space than a hotel room, with separate areas for eating, sleeping and working.

How much profit can be made from Serviced Accommodation compared to traditional buy-to-let investments?

Generally long-term residential buy-to-let yields typically come out at around 3-4%, compared to Serviced Accommodation units that regularly reach yields of 6.5-9% due to the higher level of tenants and standard of luxury Serviced Accommodation provides, as a result, tenants are happy to pay a premium. 

What type of mortgage do I need to invest in Serviced Accommodation?

Serviced accommodation is classed as a trading business and not an investment so commercial investors will need to secure a trading loan from a commercial lender and not an investment loan. Existing residential properties can also be converted to Serviced Accommodation units with a ‘consent to let’ from the current mortgage provider.

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