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Guillaume Black 

Guillaume is the CEO and co-founder at Property Filter.

The online platform that gives you an unlimited deal flow of motivated sellers.

With 1000s of Members using it up and down the country, and 1000s of deals done, it's much more than just software, it’s the most predictable methodology to find deals.

Guillaume has been investing in property since 2013 in France, since 2018 in the UK and full time since 2021.

Property Entrepreneur of the Year 2021 and winner of the Advanced Property

Entrepreneur Deal of the Year in 2022, Guillaume is now a judge at the prestigious Property Investor Awards.

Driven by a mission to empower 1000s of investors to excel at finding deals and levelling up the whole industry, Guillaume and his team continue to aggressively build and add to Property Filter every day.

Guillaume Black (Property Filter)
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Used by a growing community of 1,400 members and the most active investors in the country, who are closing deals daily, Property Filter is the UK highest rated platform to find deals.
Whether you're looking for your 1st, 3rd, or 30th deal this year, Property Filter will provide you with an unlimited flow of motivated sellers, enabling you to close more deals in less time.
Property Filter consolidates all property-related data under one roof and applies a proven and predictable methodology to find deals, regardless of your strategy (BTL / BRRR / Flip / HMO / SA / NMD / Lease Option / 1 to 2 bed Conversion / Block of flats / Comm to Resi / Short Lease / R2HMO / R2SA / Deal Sourcing), whether on market or direct-to-vendor.
It saves you an insane amount of time by eliminating administrative tasks and puts money in your pocket by getting you deals faster than anything else.
Constantly evolving with new features based on Member feedback, Property Filter accelerates the deal-finding experience. Recent updates include an upgraded Open AI version for Direct To Vendor letter generation, with some very exciting new features in the pipeline.
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