Commercial Property Discovery Day

This property strategy is when you take a commercial building and turn it into residential accommodation such as a block of flats.

Commercial conversions are one of the HOTTEST property strategies around - one that can make you up to 6-figure profits! In one commercial deal you can make what most investors struggle to make in five to six buy-to-let property deals.
It’s no secret that the UK has a huge demand for housing, with very little supply. England needs 345,000 homes a year to sustain its population. Demand for residential property has never been higher.
The only two ways that this can be met is by redeveloping commercial units or building new homes from the ground up.

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High demand with very little supply means very attractive GDV’s on developments. If you know how to find the right deal and convert it at the right price, then you could be in for some BIG money.
The difference between making a fortune and losing it lies in being educated.
Get taught the key elements of both small and and large scale conversions and get introductory knowledge of the planning process. Learn from experts of one of the UK’s leading commercial to residential property investment specialists.

Commercial Conversion Discovery Day tickets

You will be given a one-day introduction to:

How to quickly and easily find commercial buildings
The planning, tax and building regulation pitfalls and how to avoid them
Planning, building control, legal issues, points of caution, freehold & leasehold properties
How to de-risk any project and ensure all investments are calculated
All aspects of Property Development Finance: private finance, angel finance, joint ventures, option agreements, lease option agreements and bridging finance...and more!

If you have the right knowledge and team then you’ll be ready for the commercial wave and get ahead of the competition. 

Starting now means that you can take advantage of an opportunity that most people wait their whole lives for. 

BUT, getting an education first is VITAL to make sure you avoid costly mistakes. 

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