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Progressive and the co-founders have 1,000 of positive reviews (and a few critical ones) going back to 2007. You can read or review Progressive on the following trust sites:

Progressive, and co-founders Rob Moore and Mark Homer care and want to help you start and scale your property empire

They don’t claim to be perfect, but are personal and accessible. In the rare instances that there is a bad review or issue, they will endeavour to help the reviewer to a good outcome.

Progressive do not delete bad reviews in their community, instead look to solve the issue. Whilst the average rating is very high, their reviews also have some critics, which is understandable for a company going since 2007 & being the UK's largest yet most personal property training company. You will find some of the reviews are from trolls, and Progressive accept this as part of the cost of doing what they do.

Progressive have also trained many of the competitors in the property market, many being Progressive students in the beginning, and have inspired and taught many people in setting up their own property training business.

Here is just a small selection of the feedback (1000’s emails, calls, letters & videos) we’ve received from our Handsfree Investors, Mastermind, Masterclass & MSOPI events Attendees, Mentorship attendees, Book Buyers & Facebook community. Feel free to contact them if you want to talk to them about their experiences & results with Progressive

An easy read that will help you achieve your property goals

Having previously read the 3rd edition go the book I was interested to see how the 4th edition had been updated. The 4th edition has been completely refreshed to reflect changes in the property market and to provide a lot of additional content. As with all of the other books by Rob and Mark it is a enjoyable and easy read, it presents a subject that can sometimes be a little dry in an engaging manner that holds the reads attention to the end of the book. If you are just starting out on your property career I would suggest this should be your go to book to get you started in the correct direction and get the results you want quicker than you think is possible. For the seasoned investor the book is useful reference guide and provides good advice to get you from a busy landlord to professional property investor.
- Alan Sherdi

There is lots of very useful information in this book

Whether you're new to property or a seasoned investor, there is lots of very useful information in this book! I like to learn from people who have already been successfully and this updated edition contains even more stuff than I expected. It's well worth a read if you want to change your mindset and be better at property.
- Benjamin Clare

A must for Property investors

Superb book written by two experts in their field. New to property investing, interested in property investing - this will help you on your journey! Packed full of great content
- Brendan Gannon

Brilliant 3 days

Following a brilliant 3 days with likeminded people as MSOPI ive only gone and become a VIP excited and just a little scared yikes!
- Alice Clayton

Fabulous three days

Fabulous three days at msopi at the weekend. Massive thank you to all the staff and Toni, Kevin, David and Liam for delivering some inspiring content. My son is looking forward to starting his Deal Packaging course in May.
- Debbie Turner

Many thanks

Many thanks especially to Toni, Kevin and David for a fantastic 3 days at MSOPI this weekend. I brought my son with me and now he understands why I get so excited about property and the big difference mixing with like minded people can make. I made the decision to change our lives and joined VIP.. signed up for some courses and can't wait to get started. I'll be honest, it's all a bit scary but I know that we'll get great support in this community... so here goes!
- Nikki Matheson


I bought a five unit for £195,000 , which has now been revalued at an amazing £490,000
- Andy Beech


In October 2016 I found MSOPI, Fantastic!!! I have pushed but need to push harder, I wanted to deal source. Wanted to build cash flow and make a name, build a brand. Not giving up. I secured my 1st deal yesterday for overseas investor dealing direct to vendor. Investor now will have instant equity in a great location of knowle ( Solihull). The light refurb will be managed and will be LET, hands off investment! Thank you Progressive, progressive Birmingham & Grant Mcewan. Need more, want more, feed the beast! Will help anyone that needs a boost.
- Adam Ismay

Amazing trainers at the MSOPI

Also wanted to thank the amazing trainers at the MSOPI event David Siegler, Kevin McDonnell, Anne Houlton and Bethany Lee-Ashby and Josh for being great hosts and to the rest of the progressive team. Also met the wonderfully natural property investor Simon Donovan. Feel so excited to be part of the property world
- Abigail Langridge

Enjoyed a brilliant 3 days

I enjoyed a brilliant 3 days at my first MSOPI in Manchester with my son Phil Essery. We got a great deal out of the weekend & met some lovely people, learnt a lot, had some laughs, made some steps towards our goals. I love this education & having my eyes opened to the limitless opportunities available given the right knowledge, network & confidence to make your move & take action!!! Toni Gargan & David seigler were amazing hosts & all the speakers were truly inspiring and real! Looking forward to some further training in Peterborough at the end of August and with Andi Cooke & Lloyd Girardi in September. In the meantime we'll be soaking up as much education as possible from books, webinars, audio, social media etc. Anyone in the Formby, Liverpool, Northwest area feel free to get in touch. Have a great day everyone!!!
- Jenny Essery

Thank You Progressive!

Thank You Progressive! Some 18 months ago my Husband Kenneth Martin attended his first MISOPI in Glasgow and was truly inspired by Paul Smith. Kenneth Martin told me about the SA strategy and having a background and and eduction in hospitality it was a perfect fit. I got into action soon after planning my strategy and setting up some basic systems. A year ago today I welcomed my very first guest in the first property. It has been an exciting year, everything has not been perfect but it would be no fun if it was. I have the privilege of working along side an incredible team of people who are making Scottish Serviced Apartments bigger better and stronger every day. We have incredible JV partners that are a joy to work with. Currently we have 22 units open which will double in the coming months. I am so looking forward to the future I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to the progressive community in particular Paul Smith. A personal thank you to my incredible husband for his unfaltering support and belief in me. He has is own progressive journey reaching for the stars with commercial development. This community has changed our lives forever and I am very grateful to be celebrating our first birthday.
- Sandra Martin

Loads of informative content

Just got home after 3 days at MSOPI and what a great way to spend it. Loads of informative content. Thank you to all of the team a progressive for a fantastic weekend. I have invested in the commercial conversion master class and I can't wait to learn more! Has anyone got any advice or guidance on things I can do before the course to further my knowledge? Thanks in advance
- Jason Hunt

Fantastic weekend at MSOPI

Fantastic weekend at MSOPI with great people! I've made a start on my to-do list I came back with but it is quite lengthy! Any tips on which bits to focus on before now and starting VIP would be much appreciated!
- Caroline Edwards

Day 1 of MSOPI

Thoroughly enjoyed day 1 of MSOPI... I am know longer sceptical only excited! Speakers were excellent. Thank you
- Sarah Hunter

Massive Shoutout for Progressive and all the staff,

Massive Shoutout for progressive and all the staff, and all the amazing speakers and trainers, and of course all the people in MSOPI in London this weekend. I am new to property, it was my first msopi and man it was mind blowing. I feel like a hurricane in my head. Thank you for a phenomenal weekend, life changing stuff. To anyone who is scared it's American in anyway I can Reassure you it's super professional, informative, pleasant and fun. Massive shoutout to Glenn Delve, Paul Smith, David Siegler, Kevin McDonnell, Toni Gargan, Anne Houlton and everyone who taught.
- Idan Caruba

It was fantastic

Good morning everyone my name is Olivia and I've just completed MSOPI last weekend in Peterborough. It was fantastic and I met many wonderful likeminded people........ it's an honour to now be part of this network. I left with so much energy I feel more energized than a duracell battery (hehe). I took my first steps yesterday and today I have 2 viewings and will be dropping leaflets in the same area. Thank you all, at Progressive Property x
- Olivia Joseph

Sooooo excited to be here

Hi everyone. Sooooo excited to be here. Just completed 3 days at the MSOPI at Peterborough. WOW what a great 3 days and honoured to meet so many like minded people. So a little bit about me.....spent many years in management, then stopped to have a family. During that time I worked in part time management roles and most recently became a self employed VA. We first broke into B2L's some 15 years ago and whilst kicking ourselves now, never progressed. BUT here we are and this time theres no stopping us. Those who know me would say I'm extremely passionate in all I do, loving, overly generous and most importantly care about others, their lives and how to help them progress. I think I've finally found my niche with what is about to become a new and exciting journey. Good luck everyone
- Lynne Whittingham


4th MSOPI - always good to come here and listen to different speakers each time. Watching Jamie York for first time, will be catching up later for a chat about Deal Packaging mastermind.
- Karl Simpson


Currently @ my 2nd MSOPI and well worth it. Getting ideas that I had missed the 1st time, because I was way too excited to take it all in. Definitely recommended especially if you are a newbie like me. P.S. David Siegler killing it on stage
- Ria Love Joy

Bristol MSOPI

Had a great time at the Bristol MSOPI. Met some great people and made some good contacts. Hope we will keep in contact
- Caroline Clarke


Thanks very much for all those at Progressive Property for making MSOPI very enjoyable.
- Matt Elliott

Just WOW!

MSOPI in Peterborough this weekend... just WOW! So much knowledge gained, so many great, positive people met, amazing value... and it was bloody good fun! Thank you team for a great event
- Chris Moore

An invigorating and eye-opening weekend

An invigorating and eye-opening weekend spent in Peterborough with my brother Daren Appleby. 9 years of experience of property development behind us, buying in auction, adding value, and selling on for profit. Now need to diversify and increase our cash flow, so looking at several new ways that were presented over the weekend. Until this weekend JVing, rent2rent, no money down etc etc all seemed like a 'dark art', but now really believe we can do it too, while bringing our refurbishment expertise to the table........WOW!
- Colin Appleby

Since MSOPI Bristol

Good evening Progressive community, thought I'd share some of the things I have been up to since joining Progressive at MSOPI Bristol. 1. Eyes now open - check 2. Booked on Progressive courses - check 3. Started thinking about strategy/operating models and my why - check 4. Read books by Rob and Mark - check 4. Set up a company and started networking- check Now all I need to do is start my education, find a JV partner, acquire some assets, grow a successful business and then help others achieve/do the same - bring it on!
- Dan Eaton

It has renewed my determination

We have just returned home from the 1st MSOPI in Bristol and would like to thank Kevin Poneskis,the host, Hannah Little, Toni Gargan, Jackie Tomes, Kevin McDonnell, Liam Ryan and Jamie Madill as well as all of the Progressive staff and those who shared their experiences for making the weekend great. It has renewed my determination to make property the vehicle to get us to where we want to be. Thank you!
- Andy Caddy

VIP programme

Ruth and I joined Progressive in May 2017 when we attended Masterclass with Dixie, Peter and Anne. After those four days, we truly believed that reaching our property goals would be achievable through the VIP programme. We wanted to be able to build a great network of people around us to learn from and work with, as well as the accountability held by our mentor and peers. We felt confident that this would spring board us to where we want to be in twelve months time. We both live South London and work approximately 60 hrs a week each, so a high cash flowing strategy in an area where property prices are relatively low, is what we feel is necessary to get out of the 'rat race'. Although there are strategies that work in London, we are keen to own the assets rather than controlling them. After a few months of research we eventually settled on Grimsby and Cleethorpes as our goldmine area. We reached out to others in the Progressive VIP community who either lived or invested in the area for advice. Without the friendly people in the Progressive VIP community, we wouldn't have felt so confident with going forward with our HMO strategy in this area. The first goal we set was to buy 4 HMO properties and have these all cash flowing £4,000 NET by December 2018. We hit the ground running straight away, driving up to Cleethorpes, meeting builders, building relationships with agents, and viewing properties. On the morning of our first VIP meeting we found out we had our first offer accepted! Both excited and nervous, we decided to jump in at the deep end and presented the deal at the deal clinic. There was much positive response to this deal and we were able to secure our first Joint Venture partner. By the second VIP meeting we had our second deal accepted and did the deal clinic for a second time. From this we are in discussions with a few people who have expressed an interest in this deal. One of the great things about having a monthly mentoring session is that you have clear action points and tasks to complete each month to help you progress on your journey. In addition to this, the extra added bonus of the VIP Facebook group and the help desk to just fire out a quick question as and when you need it and receive speedy responses from people who have been there, done it, or are going through it at the same time is invaluable. Five months ago, none of this seemed possible or achievable, and being a part of the Progressive VIP community has helped us remain focused on the goal, learn so much more, and made some great contacts and friends along the way. We're so happy with the progress we've made so far, and can't wait to see what the next eight months will bring!
- Dwayne Alexander

£600k in JV finance

£600K in JV finance, multiple no money down deals, 20+ properties & £25K ppm deal packaging business
- Nick Hague


After 3 months in the VIP programme and 4 months of "being in property" I have just shook hands on the first part of a £1.25m JV investment deal. Feeling pretty damn good!
- Ben Beaumont

Fantastic 2 sessions

Fantastic 2 sessions today with Kevin J McDonnell, packed with content, wisdom and loads of experience. Just a few key takeaways for me amongst many many others: • Believe you can CONTROL everything • Don't let the lack of funds stop you • Learn to market yourself (we're all now professional property investors) • Build your network Look forward to catching up and learning more from Kevin soon.
- Pavel Trosin


This is an excellent book, whether you are just thinking of getting started with your property investment journey or are a seasoned investor, there are sure to be a few little nuggets in here to help you along the way. Kevin is genuine, honest and includes examples throughout the book so you can understand how these strategies work. A 5 star from me. Not buying this book can seriously damage your wealth.
- J. Fox

starsIt’s easily the most down to earth therefore the best property book I’ve ever read.

Personally I think this book is worth thousands if not more. The author has done us all a massive service in making this knowledge so widely available for £10, £20, £50 or whatever the market places it’s final value at. It is full of real life experience combined with the key mindset attributes to success. What I like the most are the pitfalls to avoid; often missing from other property investment books. Loads of information with some good laughs sprinkled in as well. If you really are serious and committed to making a change then invest in yourself and buy it.
- Andy Holden

Brillaint Book - A must have modern day take on “No Money Down Investing “

Just finished “No Money Down” This is a Really really really good book It’s one of the rare books that you can use as a daily reference, blueprint or business plan on the myriad of different, practical ways you can get into property and grow without using your own cash. Even better, the case studies and examples are real people, real stories that show you the way. A great read Kevin, thank you M
- M

Gold dust on every page

This book could be your secret weapon for escaping the 9 to 5. It is jam packed full of tips, tools and tried-and-tested techniques for doing exactly what is promised on the cover. The style of writing is chatty and easy to digest, there is no jargon and no estate agents talk. There simply is no bull. Kevin tells his own true but ridiculous story about how he started his journey, and you wont believe the speed and height of his trajectory since he began to APPLY the lessons which he spells out so clearly in this book. Whoever told you about this book, you will thank a thousand times. On every page is gold dust. To be honest, I can't believe that Kevin's has written a book so full of pure gold that you can buy for a tenner! Buy it, jump in there and you will immediately catch Kevin's infectious enthusiasm for using property to find true financial freedom.
- Phil

Attention newbies: must must must read

Being a newbie until I read the book all my thought process was running around my own perceptions and by the time I finished my reading I left too far apart between perception and reality. The reality is, anyone cannot think all dynamics of every NEW CHALLENGE we take in our life and here we left with two options learn everything by your own trial and error(which might cost you a lot in terms of time and money) Or learn/get educated from “others experience” to form a strong foundation for your venture and at same time helps yourself to set broad mindset. This book is unsurpassed opportunity to elaborate so many options available to make strong base for property business. I really appreciate Kevin as he has managed to put so many tools and ideas in his book. I also liked his idea that when you seek for any deal, prepare with multiple options of A, B ,C, D….. as many as you can to suit vendors circumstances rather than going with only boolean of two options of Yes/No. Once again, big thanks Kevin, I couldn't recommend it high enough.
- Sachin Kothavale

At last a property book with truely useful, pertinent information for property investors.

Ok, we've all been there and purchased books on property investing and thought, yeah its ok for you to write that but..... This is my first amazon review and this book deserves it. It is full of up to date, relevant easy to digest information and the author is not adverse to explain the downsides as well as the positives. There are some genuine nuggets of gold here and I have been genuinely moved to action by it's content. If you are serious about moving into property and think money is your barrier, this book will explain why that mind set is not correct. I would highly recommend the book, it is worth ten times the initial investment.

Great Book, packed with info

Kevin lays it on the line how to use this method and explains it really well. Contrary to certain other feedback you are left in no doubt how this works and how it can be done with none of your own money. Read it carefully and take notes or annotate the book. You will refer to it regularly. If your serious about property investing you need this in your library.
- hairydancer

One of the best property books ever.

This is hands down one of the best property education books that I have ever read. And I say this from experience as I read 3-4 books every month. It has practical tips, explanations of different strategies and how to implement them. There are a lot of pictures inside which makes it even easier to understand. After all the knowledge the best part is that Kevin deals with the right mindset you need in order to successfully apply the practical strategies. I have started applying what Ive learned in the book and have already achieved results - meeting landlords, explaining then what I do and getting them interested in how we can work together. Aweosme book I give it 5/5 10/10 & 20/20 all at the same time. Simply awesome.
- Atanas

A wealth of information

Peter is delivering tons of property investing knowledge in an unassuming, clear, and concise way. Well worth listening to this podcast if you want to increase your skills in property investing.
- Agathoklis

5 star is least I could do for you

I met Kevin in 2017. Very nice guy, always full of energy and enthusiam. When you buy a book, you dont just buy a book, you give your trust to the author. Kevin is a true inspiration of what could be achieved if only you put your mind to it. Amazing book and full of good content, lots to learn from for beginners and professionals. (I know what Im talking about after spending well over £20,000 on my property education, sourcing well over £1m worth of property and purchasing over £500,000 of property for myself) I am actually quite surprised that Kevin uncovers a lot of golden nuggets which I personally only learned thru expensive mentorships. Thank you Sir
- Jegors

Kay Bennallack

What a great couple of days. First, I attended the Beginners Property Secrets and then today my first VIP day. Everyone was so welcoming and I really felt like part of the community. Watch this space guys, onwards and upwards. Thank you so much for making Steve and I so at home and see you all there again next month.
- Kay Bennallack

Mikki Ashton

Had a fantastic day at Progressive Towers on the Beginners Property Secrets day. Learned loads and made some new friends, hopefully for years to come!!
- Mikki Ashton

Adam Galbraith

OMG!!! Sorry guys, I just have to add to my previous post… I’ve just realised that 1 year today was the day I did my first BPS, hosted by Rebecca Smith and Toni Gargan… Bought our first in February and we’ve actually exchanged on our 7th property today HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MEEEEEE!!!! Number 8 is next week and then 9 is about 6 weeks. I bloody love Progressive!!!! MASSIVE thank you and gratitude to EVERYONE who has helped me in my first year! Here’s to the next 12 months!!! xxx
- Adam Galbraith

Scott Williams

Education is so important. I had the pleasure of listening to the amazing Anne Houlton today at the Beginners Property Secrets discovery day (thank you!) Without a doubt, educating yourself can be the difference between being successful or unsuccessful.
- Scott Williams

The speakers are charismatic and interesting

Any podcast that gets you wanting to buy property and gets you on the ladder of finding the information is good. These guys will point you in the right direction for free and if you want help they have the templates and classes to buy. They are a well established brand, i have been on the free courses even though I already am on the investing ladder because I like to keep on learning. The speakers are charismatic and interesting. Investing in yourself is priceless so when it’s free grab it with both hands.
- Damp Sam

Informative, relative and great to listen to

Peter is awesome! Humble and down to earth property professional who always gives listeners a balanced view on all things property investing!
- Martin Snaith