No Money Down
Discovery Day

Attract a huge choice of Investment Partners & Joint Venture Finance

Want to learn how to invest in property with no money?
If you are interested in getting into property but don’t have a huge deposit saved up, have a bad credit history or simply want to learn how to invest in property with none of your own money, then this is for you.The No Money Down Discovery Day will teach you how to start and scale your property portfolio using other people’s money.Learn how to implement the right finance strategies and find the right people so that you don’t need to rely on “conventional finance”. Get a beginner’s introduction on how to create life changing income and build a successful property portfolio using none of your own money. Get the insider tips and techniques on how to attract a huge choice of investment partners and joint venture finance.Even if you’ve got no deposit and a bad credit rating, we will introduce you to creative strategies to get properties with little to none of your own money.

Even if you have no experience or little to no finance the No Money Down Course can work for you as our skilled trainers and mentors will reveal the proven step-by-step methods you can use instantly to find, fund and secure No Money Down deals. 

Prepare yourself to leave the event with the keys to create lasting and sustainable wealth alongside rock-solid negotiation techniques, explosive JV partnerships and everything you need to help you carve out the No Money Down Property Investing deals that work best for you and your property goals.

Interested in attending the
 No Money Down Discovery
Course event?

The No Money Down Matrix. A system of proven investment strategies guaranteed to secure and control cash flowing property deals with none of your own cash.
A step-by-step guide on how to structure a property deal that’s right for you and right for the vendor
The 4 core investing principles you need to secure the perfect deal that creates a long-term cash flowing asset
How to cash in on the next big property strategy and control an empire of properties “Rent-To-Own”
Learn how you can use someone else’s money and quickly recycle it to give them all their money back, and you keep the property for free
What the super rich do to control property without owning it and how YOU can do the same
Negotiate successful Joint Ventures and attract more investment partners and joint venture finance
Creative thinking, creative structures and master negotiation skills to make No Money Down Property Investing deals the ultimate win win
...And Much Much more!

Now more than ever we need Creative Property Investment thinking! 

No Money Down Investing is about thinking outside the box. With Interest rates on the rise, large deposits needed and savings being eaten up by inflation you need to be using creative techniques to get ahead. 

BUT, getting an education first is VITAL to make sure you avoid costly mistakes. 

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Here's what others
are saying:

Vaidas Abelkis

"Learning new stuff at No Money Down Property masterclass and maybe will find JV partner who knows."

Joshua JD

“In just 2 years I have created a property business managing a portfolio of over  1.5 million and set to be growing my own personal property portfolio in 2022. I can honestly say that Kevin is the absolute legend of the property industry. Being part of his No Money Down programme has truly changed my life."

Tony Howarth

"Hi Kevin, just to let you know I attended your no money down course during lockdown, I now have 7 units all making money. So a HUGE thanks!"

Gary Kewin

"After completing MSOPI i packed my job immediately and followed my dream and signed up for NMD training with Kevin. With his help and direction putting me on track to get into property and be abled to be mentored by the UKs number expert in this field."

Martin Sanderson

"The course that changed my life forever, say hi to the crazy Irish dude in the silly shirt from me!"

Chris Sinkinson

"I said it was mind blowing, a great 3 days, didn't want it to end!!...Enjoy!!"