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Progressive Property Academy is an exclusive community where many of the UK's top professional property investors and trainers are made.

Some of the most active  Progressive Property Academy Community Members have multi-million pound portfolios with between £3,000 and £10,000 net cash flow per month.

Many Progressive Progressive Property Academy Members past and present are now UK property experts in their own rights, running their own training programmes, portfolio building and deal packaging businesses and mentoring others. We keep them, and you, accountable to success.

£65million of joint-venture (JV) finance has been raised and exchanged within the Progressive Property Academy Community, which you can instantly tap into. Just imagine what these or similar results could do for you and your life.

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12 monthly 1-2-1 mentoring sessions, for forty minutes, with certified Progressive mentors
12 keynote speakers, which take place at your Progressive Property Academy Event, throughout the year on new and advanced strategies. Requests are continually taken from the Progressive Property Academy community to make sure these topics are ones in which you wish to hear about
12 Progressive Property Academy monthly Progressive Property Academy only webinars with Master Progressive mentor Roy Inman which includes a detailed Q&A.
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Progressive Property Academy Community: Continual support from the UK’s largest professional property network of like minded individuals for support, freedom, choice and profit

If you'd been with us in 2005 when we started Progressive, you'd have never imagined we'd build the UK's largest and most personal property community. We just wanted a few properties in our portfolio but it grew and became it's own community of like minded property entrepreneurs, like you, of all levels, making money and making a difference.

We launched the Progressive Property Academy programme in 2010 because there was a big gap between training and implementation. To know and not to do, is not to know.

The missing ingredients were accountability, support, motivation and personal coaching to take you through the property speed bumps.

We also wanted you to have a readymade network power team of everyone you needed, including JV partners, financiers and local investors, so you could hit the ground running towards financial freedom

We're honoured that you chose Progressive and really want to help you achieve all your goals and dreams. We love working with inspired people, everyone at Progressive are here to help you so together we can make this happen!

The Progressive Property Academy programme is designed by you, for you to invest in freedom, choice and profit.

The Progressive Property Academy mentors

Each month, 28 days prior to your 1:1, you will receive an email to book on with one of our twenty mentors.
Mark Homer Progressive Property

Mark Homer

Mark has bought over 600 properties [& counting] for himself, Rob & his investors. Mark has raised £25million in JV finance since being in property and is a multiple bestselling author.

Mark Homer has been the driving force behind the 600 properties acquisitions (and counting) for himself, Rob and their investors. He built Progressive Lets and has commented in many major publications including BBC Radio, Landlord Today, Financial Reporter, The Independent and The Wall Street Journal. Mark has been an Investor/Entrepreneur since the age of 16.

He has a keen interest in finance investment, compounding growth and finding property deals. He is constantly developing and refining investment strategies designed to outperform the masses and create increase, sustainable, blended returns whilst controlling risk. His trademarked Deal Analyser is used by 10,000's of investors and is becoming the industry standard investment tool.


Single & Multi-Lets, Commercial Conversion, Business Development, Deal Making, Sales Negotiation, JVs, Flips


Wellingborough, Peterborough, Corby

Darren Williams Progressive Property Academy

Darren Williams


Darren tried to buy his first BTL property when he was 16, back in 2003, He was told by the bank he needed to come back when he was 18 to be able to apply for a mortgage.

After reading Mark and Rob’s book, Multiple Streams of Property Income. Darren attended a Multiple Streams of Property Income event and then joined Progressive Property Academy. Darren then went full time into property four months into his Progressive Property Academy.


Single Lets - Buy – Refurbish – Re-mortgage (BRR), Sourcing BMV Properties via Estate Agents/Direct to Vendor Strategies, HMOs, Serviced Accommodation, Rent to Rent, Joint Venture Finance Raising, Mindset



John Philbin Progressive Property

John Philbin

John rented his first property way back in 1987 with zero advice or education. He now has an impressive multi million pound residential and commercial portfolio, deal sourcing / development company and letting agency (

John and his wife Melanie own and operate award winning beauty salons (

Along the way John studied Person Centred counselling, NLP, Hypnosis and Reiki healing. MINDSET is of particular interest.


Single Lets, Commercial, Business, Multiple Income Streams, Buy-Refurb-Refinance, Creative Property Solutions, Mindset, Title-Splitting & the rest



Derek Pape Progressive Property Academy

Derek Pape

Derek has completed most of the Progressive courses including 2 years Progressive Property Academy and 1 year ICM, having sourced and packaged around 250 deals in the last few years. He completed on 43 deals in 2019 alone, just short of his 50 target for the year. This has lead Derek to have his own letting agency which two of his daughters run managing nearly 200 units. Jennifer the older of the two daughters also runs the refurb and maintenance business. Through sourcing Derek has also done most of the creative strategies such as Vendor Finance and Delayed Completions. For 4 years he was also PPN Newcastle Host.


Direct to Vendor Marketing, Dealing with Estate Agents,  Sourcing & Packaging BMV Deals, Lease Options, Delayed Completions, Vendor Finance, Single Lets


Hartlepool, North East England

Mark Doyle

Mark Doyle

Mark has over 25 years experience in property and business. During that time, he has sourced property through agents, auctions and direct to vendor. He specialises in the renovation of problem properties, adding value via refurbishment, change of use or title split. He now owns a multi-million pound portfolio of single lets and HMOs, some of which have been commercial to residential conversions. He is also a regular YPN author/ contributor.


HMOs, Single Lets, Buy To Sell, JV/Creative/Bridging Finance


North West England

Roy Inman

Roy Inman

Roy owns 69 properties with over £1 million gross rental income per year. He’s also raised over £1million of JV finance. Roy has scaled and systemised a letting agency. Roy has partnered with Progressive with an ‘On Patch Mentoring’ and is head of the Progressive Property Academy mentors to deliver excellence.


Single Lets, Rent to Rent, Lettings, Joint Ventures, Mindset, Systems



Nick Thorpe

Nick Thorpe

Over the past decade, Nick has founded, grown and sold multiple companies based around property and finance. He built his personal property portfolio and then started offering bespoke sourcing to hundreds of international clients. Property strategies include Buy to Let, Houses of Multiple Occupancy, Serviced Accommodation and Medium size developments (up to £10m Gross Development Value). He also has 20+ years of experience as a life, business and wealth coach.

Nick love’s to be outdoors – you’ll always find him listening to a book, scribbling in a notebook, and hunting for a coffee shop!


Buy-Refurb-Remortage, HMOs, Deal Sourcing, Single Lets, Property Refurbishment


West Yorkshire

Peter Smith

Peter Smith

Peter started with a small portfolio of 4 BTLs 10 years ago and has spent his previous 25 years in his 'Job' working for various House Builders and Councils across the Country.

Following a visit to Multiple Streams of Property Income (MSOPI) in January 2015 he realised he could do it for himself. He joined Progressive Property Academy and within 12 months he had increased his portfolio to 17 units worth £1.6m and a net cash flow of £4000 pcm.

Alongside this he is currently developing over 40 units and has raised JV finance to fund this of £3.4m. During his time as a Progressive Property Academy his wife has had a baby, given up her day job and started a Lettings Agency to help provide an end to end service as part of the Deal Packaging and Sourcing Business.


Single Buy to Lets, Development, Refurbishment, Deal Sourcing, BMV via Estate Agents, Lettings Management, Commercial Conversion, Joint Ventures, Finance, Mindset


North East, Morpeth, Northumberland, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

Steve Mitchell

Steve Mitchell

Steve spent 13 years working for a global commercial finance company in sales and then Risk Management. Since leaving the corporate world in 2013, Steve set up his portfolio of BTL rental properties in Liverpool as he went through Progressive Property Academy making him financially free.

It was also at this time Steve completed his first lease option deal generating £30,000 net profit in nine weeks using strategies learnt at Progressive. To get more property experience, Steve joined Countrywide, the largest residential sales & letting company in the UK, spending 3 years understanding the operational aspects of the residential letting business.

Alongside this he is currently developing over 40 units and has raised JV finance to fund this of £3.4m. During his It was at this time Steve then focused his attention on HMO management in Bedford by setting up his own HMO management company which quickly grew by 143% in the last 12 months to over £250,000 annual revenue. Steve is process orientated and constantly looks to leverage technology to streamline his business. He is currently looking to expand his HMO management business into five new locations.


HMOs, Rent to Rent, Letting Agency, Buy To Let, Systems & Technology


Liverpool, Bedford

Jeremy Wood

Jez Wood

Jez founded Kove Properties, a property investment company based in the North East in
2019 and have the bold vision to improve housing across the UK. Since then they have
sourced over 140 deals for their clients across multiple strategies, and project managed
60 refurbishment projects. 

They have also built a portfolio of 15 BTL and Serviced
Accommodation units, both owned and R2R. They have a strong following on Social
Media with 10k+ subscribers on Instagram.

Jez He joined the Progressive Property Academy in early 2020 and won the Academy’s
“Outstanding Achievement” Progressive Property Academy Award 2021.
Prior to property he has a background in the charity and business sectors with expertise
in project management, business development, fundraising and marketing. He managed
contracts of up to £6m, with the likes of Vodafone, Deutsche Bank and Deloitte. He also
founded his own catering business and spent 3 years managing hospitality businesses in
London including winning a ‘Best Cafe’ award in 2019.


Deal sourcing, Single Lets, Refurbishments, Buy-Refurb-Remortage, Rent to
Rent, Mindset, Serviced Accommodation, Marketing, Systems, Business.


London, North East

Shaz Nawaz

Shaz is a chartered accountant, serial property investor for 17 years and director of a national-multi-award-winning accountancy practice - AA Accountants
AA Accountants have been voted one of the UK’s most inspiring accountancy firms and were chosen as one of the world’s most inspiring accountancy firms
Shaz owns five separate businesses and has conducted over 3,000 business growth consultations, AA Accountants have a team of specialist property tax accountants (including a specialist property VAT advisor, a specialist property tax adviser and their own Estate Planner for Inheritance Tax and Trusts)
Shaz's team also specialise in working with property investors (B2L, SA, R2SA, R2R, Commercial Conversions, New Builds and all things property), they also specialise in VAT, TAX, SDLT, business structures, Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax
Currently Shaz has helped clients secure over £150m in funding, added an additional £100m in profit to clients’ bank accounts and saved millions in additional tax (£1,937,367 tax saved for clients in 2018 alone)


(B2L, SA, R2SA, R2R, Commercial Conversions, New Builds and all things property), they also specialise in VAT, TAX, SDLT, business structures, Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax

Halstead Ottley

Halstead bought his first property at age 19, and has been involved in property investing ever since. In order to take his investing to the next level, he joined Progressive in 2010. Halstead now has a multi-million pound portfolio consisting of BTL's, HMO's and SA's, and has raised over £5m in JV finance. He has also converted a care home into 30 bungalows, built 4 industrial units and has land which houses 10 storage containers.


B2L's, Problem solving, Raising finance, Creative Strategies and Commercial Conversions.


Ipswich, Norwich, Colchester, Great Yarmouth

Philip Game

Philip has been investing in property since 1999, alongside a full time job as a mortgage broker. He now has a single let portfolio worth over £3M with a monthly gross rental income of over £13,000. In 2006, after spending a year training with Countrywide he set up his mortgage brokers Shire Financial Services. He now has a team of brokers, with as you would expect a specialism in the BTL sector. Philip is married to Danielle and they have 2 grown up children.

Philip & Danielle have completed several flips and always made £30,000 or more profit on every deal. Prior to all of this Philip worked for accountants PwC for 11 years where he trained as an Accountant.


Single lets, Property finance, Flips, Refurbishments, Buy-Refurb-Remortgage
Problem solving


East Anglia