About Mark Homer.

Mark is an experienced property investor, developer, business owner and Co-Founder of Progressive Property. Mark has developed in excess of 600,000 square foot of mainly pubs, offices and retail into mixed and residential uses – many of which were built in house by Progressive. Mark has sourced and developed in excess of 1,000 property units since 2003 and has held an equity share in portfolios he has developed within properties valued at over £80M. His personal property portfolio holds in excess of 360 residential and commercial tenancies with a property value in excess of £37 Million making him the largest Private Residential Landlord in the Peterborough area. 

Mark is also Co-Founder of Progressive Lets which manages around 1,300 tenants which represents over 4% of Peterborough’s private rented properties. [1]

He has commented and been referenced in many major publications including Independent, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, BBC News, Sun, Metro, Guardian, Daily Mail, ITV, BBC Radio as well as authoring more than 7 books on Property and Business. Mark's books have been translated into Arabic, Chinese and Turkish and sold internationally with some reaching best seller status. Mark also has a podcast called "Mark my Words".

Mark is a helicopter pilot (type rated on 3 different helicopters), has run 2 marathons, loves skiing, diving, shooting, business, finance, politics and economics.

Mark broke the Guinness world record for the longest team speech marathon in 2015.

Mark finished corporate life in 2005 where he saw a long road to quiet desperation, giving up a ‘good job’ that would have in reality led to little progression. Mark has been an entrepreneur investor since the age of 15, setting up many small businesses through University, and continually saving, re-investing and compounding money using laws of wealth that he now teaches to 10,000s of people. 

Often behind the scenes and reclusive, Mark just likes to buy property. He’d love to keep investing for another 50 years and has a great eye for cost control. 

It is possibly the unique partnership of Rob and Mark that has scaled and sustained Progressive when others have come, struggled and gone. Two very different people but with a great friendship, both best-men at each others’ weddings, and similar vision for educated property investment giving freedom, choice and profit. 

Since stepping back from training due to schedules, scale and demands on his time Mark has successfully trained many Progressive students who have become trainers for Progressive. A large majority are “home grown”, all walking the walk practising what they teach, to help you build Multiple Streams of Property Income.

[1] Peterborough Council Selective Licensing – source states that Peterborough’s total housing stock is 86,832, of which 25.1% are privately rented.

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Mark has featured in hundreds of articles covering property all the way to investments, read more below. contributor article blog e-so-why-do-i-feel-so-apprehensive_uk_5c52ccafe4b0ca92c6dd85c8‘surprising’ interview

Chalk & Cheese

As you will discover, Rob & Mark are two very different people. Rob has the personality and commitment to action, he’s quoted as inspirational, controversial and motivating, and Mark has the spreadsheets and the brains!

They are self professed property and business addicts, have similar interests such as racing their sports cars [often with each other], flying the Helicopter, reading and continually learning, and spending time with friends, family and inspirational people.

It is this combination that the property industry has recognised has made them successful in their partnership, through the growing and falling property markets where others have struggled.