Whether you’re working as a real estate agent or planning to sell your own home, a huge amount of effort goes into getting a potential buyer. One of the top considerations for any buyer is the outside curb appeal appearance of what could be their new home. To some buyers, this first look matters and may make or break their decision before they take the next step to look at what’s inside your home.

Even though appearance can play a significant role, developing a buyer’s interest in a home does not have to be a big deal. Below are some of our top tips for enhancing your home’s curb appeal. These tips will be of great help if you are looking to help lottery winners who have some extra cash and are looking to invest in their new dream home.

Our TOP 10 curb appeal increasing tips!

Cut and trim the grass and edges to make your garden more appealing

An untidy garden can trigger a negative impression. If you’ve not tended to your lawn for quite a long time, it is time to make it a top priority. Prune back the bushes and hedges as well as mow your lawn. If you cannot do it yourself or lack the right equipment, look for a professional landscaper or you can even hire strimmers, lawn mowers and hedge trimmers from local tool hire businesses.

Reduce landscape clutter

Landscaping is among the first impressions your guests and potential buyers will observe. You should not only consider the condition of your external landscaping but also how much there is, then eliminate unnecessary shrubbery and trees to the desired size and aesthetic feel. As an added benefit, your home will look more welcoming and illuminated by natural light.

Upgrade the exterior lighting for better curb appeal

Having good lighting on your exterior makes your home more impressive to your guests and other potential buyers. Exterior lighting increases confidence and safety from unnecessary accidents and burglars. This feature makes your house more attractive to potential buyers.

Repaint your front door, window trim, and shutters

An old-looking door that has been damaged and worn out by exposure to harsh climate can negatively impact potential buyers. Painting it keeps it looking as good as new. Consider using the most appealing colors to make your house more inviting and memorable to aspiring buyers. A lot of modern doors are now made of high-quality plastics which should help combat the effects time.

Clean the driveway and walkway

The pathways around your home may have accumulated a lot of dirt over a long period. A power washer (sometimes called a jet washer) uses a high-pressure jet of water to remove dirt and grime from surfaces such as concrete and so do an impressive job of cleaning your drive and path ways. Read the power washers manual first if you have no idea how to use it before you get started as some run from mains electric whilst others use petrol/diesel engines. Clean one surface at a time while inspecting for any signs of damage. Work in a stroking fashion to clean the area in the most efficient manner.

Add potted plants

Potted plants are an easy, quick, and cost-effective way of improving your curb appeal by adding a splash of vibrant colors that bring some life to your home. Use pots of varying sizes and styles to come up with different pattens of your choice. This simple trick makes a big difference and brings a beautiful impression.

Display clean open windows

Remove all the dirt on the windows and open the blinds. Doing this allows light into your house and gives your home an impressive fresh look. Natural light is also less harsh than artificial sources such as lights, candles etc. Fill colorful flowers on a large vase at your main door to give it a great look at the entry as you drive in. If you are selling the house, this will send a positive message to the buyer, and you may sell your home quicker than you expected.

Replace the garage door

In most cases with homes with garages, the garage door is facing forward, and this way, it creates the first impression by being a large impactful area of clean space. Fitting windows on a garage door can be an added advantage to make its curb appeal more impressive. But research shows that replacing the garage doors is the best idea for home improvement. New garage doors are quieter and more intelligent due to more modern voice assistant operates them.

Take a photo to make your home look tempting for the ultimate curb appeal

In some cases, finding the absolute truth of what lies before us is a difficult thing to do. Curb appeal is not an exception. Capture a photo of your garden and inspect it honestly to find the truth. The picture will display the actual reality of your garden areas. You will find out what needs to be repainted, cleaned, weeded, planted, and trimmed. Once you are happy with your labour work, retake the photos (most modern camera phones can produce DSLR results). Make sure to correctly frame your garden and home whilst capturing the highlights.

Replace gutters and downspouts

If your house has old rusted, or cracked plastic, gutters, the reason may be that it is affected by poor maintenance, such as rust spots, peeling paint, thermal damage, or other problems caused by neglect. Remove old gutters and fix new ones, install vinyl gutter systems that require no painting, and provide a few tools. If you have a tight budget, vinyl gutter systems are suitable for your budget.

Despite them being cheap, they are brittle and can easily crack in extreme weather conditions. Compared to vinyl gutter systems, copper gutter systems are more expensive but convey an excellent quality and pretty curb appeal.

Final thoughts on your homes curb appeal

The first impression people notice when they come to your house is the curb appeal. Renovating your home’s curb appeal isn’t a great deal, and it doesn’t have to take much money and time. These affordable and easy-to-do projects can make a huge difference and in turn you can reap the rewards of making sure your home glows.

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