Online Rent-to-Rent Cashflow System course 

With Kevin Mcdonnell

There is a way to build your property portfolio without large sums of money. I would know, I’ve done it. 

Rent to rent is the easiest way to build and grow your property business.

Why put yourself through trying to find money to buy a property, when you could still be collecting rent from the very same properties with smaller risk?

This is a strategy which is open to everybody. You can get started this week. No waiting for months or even years to see the benefits of property. With rent to rent the profit is as quick as you can find the properties!

- Kevin Mcdonnell

International Speaker, Best Selling Author, Mentor and Professional Property Investor

In my course, I will show you:
How to collect a regular income without having to buy any property- letting you be free to spend more time with your family, take holidays and do the things you love

New strategies to share the risks to secure your business with a brand new, lockdown perfect business model

How you can not only keep your money, but earn more, to support your family in these tough times

When you buy a home you buy the risks- control it with rent to rent and you are better protected against downturns in the market (like we will be in soon)
Landlords are more motivated than ever, use the lockdown to get deals you might not have gotten before. I can show you how to do it confidently

Motivated potential property business owners, just like you, could secure your first property in just a few weeks - many of those who have followed my strategy have done just that, and are now earning an income with little to no upfront investment.

What you will learn:

At least £1,000 profit, per property, per MONTH!​ 
"What" properties work... and "Where"

How to source, Secure, Negotiate R2R Deals
All the knowledge YOU NEED to get started quickly & to build a "real" scalable business

& generate a life-changing / job replacing income through property within 180 days!

​Why is Rent2Rent for YOU:

If you're starting with LITTLE or NO FUNDS!
The quickest way to create cash-flow to free yourself from your J.O.B.
You don't have deposits to invest? Use the cash from Rent2Rent deals to reinvest as deposits in properties to BUY

Your Bonuses If You Buy NOW

12 Month Implementation Blueprint - Worth £699!
Rent2Rent Marketing Pack - RRP £699!
Negotiation Scripts - Scripts on how to talk to Landlords, Agents & Tenants!​ RRP £1,195!
Bullet-Proof Contract - RRP £1,500

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ONLY ​£1675 +VAT