There are 3 types of ‘Investor/Entrepreneur:

  • Empire Investor
  • Lifestyle Investor
  • Intrapreneur Investor

Lack of clarity and self awareness of which one you are often explains your frustration, procrastination, overwhelm, self doubt, void feelings, comparing yourself  to others, feeling your progress is too slow. Here are the differences:

Empire Investors…

build empires big portfolios, risky & creative deals. You count the size of your portfolio, JV & borrow money for fun & are constantly disrupting & creating chaos. Driven by growth, passion is buying, owning & scale. It’s never big or fast enough. Its a roller coaster with big risks but that makes you feel alive.

Lifestyle Investors…

crave freedom & choice. You want passive income, automation & systemisation. Not always striving & never arriving, you want order & control, not chaos. Set & forget & an easier life to do more of what you love where you love when you love.


want autonomy and creativity, but not risk. You like to lead but don’t have to, don’t need the praise & don’t want the feast or famine lifestyle.

You want freedom but will accept some authority from others & be part of a team. You want a portfolio, pension and passive income but you want your overheads covered, maybe you enjoy your job and part-time works for you. No need to rush.

So which one are you?

Are you clearly one? Progressing through? Maybe even a hybrid? Does this help?

Rob Moore
Rob Moore

Co-Founder of Progressive Property, entrepreneur, investor , author of 6 Amazon and Audible Best-sellers, prolific podcaster, two-time Public Speaking World Record Holder, Founder of The Rob Moore Foundation