25 Benefits Of Investing In Property Education

Learning to invest in property correctly is a hot topic right now. Across 2020, 2021 and in to 2022, while a lot of people were stuck at home and worried about the future of their jobs, many got educated and entered into the unknown world of investing.

As well as stocks, shares, crypto currencies and bonds, another avenue to explore is property.

Have you heard the saying “as safe as houses”, that’s because investing your money in property is considered to be one of the safest investments you can make.

Is property investment a good idea?

In short, yes, as when compared to other investment strategies, investing in property is comparatively low risk. 

Property investments are usually more slow and stable since they aren’t traded on an exchange and property valuations are estimated to double in value every 10 years (however, in some areas it can be a lot quicker than this).

Why invest in property?

As the owner of a property you get many benefits: 

  • If you choose to live in it yourself you get to enjoy the physical asset 
  • You can rent the property out to increase your monthly income
  • When you sell the property you will profit from any increase in its value. This works well especially if you have completed a refurbishment

Also, with the current rise in inflation, you’re actually losing money by having savings sitting in a bank account because it depreciates in value year on year.

Therefore, it’s important to invest in assets, such as property in order to protect your savings.

Assets such as property, give you a diversified portfolio as it can potentially help minimise losses if the market takes big swings in reaction to events like inflation. Long term appreciation on property value should beat the rise in inflation.

If you’re a property investor, you can also benefit from inflation by implementing higher rent prices while keeping your mortgage the same, as well as gaining recurring income.

Buying properties and borrowing money against them is a great way to hedge yourself against inflation.

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How can you invest in property?

First of all, it’s important to know as with any investment, there are risks to investing in property. These risks are escalated if you don’t learn how to invest in property first. 

Many people propel themselves into property investing without the right skills, knowledge, experience, guidance or education. Investing in property education will save you a lot of time, a lot of money and from making A LOT of mistakes.

It’s vital to learn from the experts. Those who have been there, done that, made the mistakes, learned from them and have gone on to grow wildly successful property portfolios and can give you the exact strategies to do the same.

Our Top 25 benefits of investing in property education

  1. It stops you from making EXPENSIVE mistakes
  2. You will gain valuable knowledge, techniques and skills that will last you a lifetime and can be used over and over
  3. It forces you to change your mindset out of the 9-5 grind and into one of a property investor with an achievable goal
  4. You can pass on your property knowledge to your friends, family, colleagues and more. Adding your personal experiences to give them the opportunity to better their futures
  5. Property investment courses are as much a networking event as they are about learning . Meet new contacts, JV or business partners
  6. Increase your confidence, self-worth and esteem by understanding property investment and how different strategies work. 
  7. Open doors to other avenues of education, increasing your knowledge of finance, tax, marketing, personal development and more
  8. Enter a new environment of support, enthusiasm, progressiveness and step away from work cultures that are often full of complaints, blame and excuses
  9. Evoke competition, challenge and the accountability to succeed
  10. Become aware and avoid the pitfalls that uneducated/inexperienced property investors often make
  11. The more you learn, the more likely you are to earn by knowing how to create real property income streams
  12. Learn how to budget and apportion your finances more effectively
  13. Other entrepreneurs and investors tend to value people who invest in themselves to better their personal development – therefore will be more likely to invest in you.
  14. If you attend a course that was unhelpful and a waste of money, it is a lesson to always do your research and due diligence
  15. Become part of a supportive, welcoming community who will want to hear your stories of success
  16. Meet hardworking, inspiring, determined, committed, intelligent and wealthy people
  17. Ignite that spark inside you to get motivated and take action to change your life
  18. Be forced out of your comfort zone – essential to be a successful property investor
  19. Dr David J Lieberman defines happiness as “progress towards a worthwhile goal”. Courses and education that develop your knowledge, skills and personal development can legitimately increase your happiness
  20. Become a better problem solver and overcome situations in your projects and investments more effectively
  21. Gain access to EXCLUSIVE information that will give you a competitive advantage
  22. You realise there are other people in property going through the same experiences and pains as you – you don’t have to go through it alone!
  23. Reduce time taken and mistakes made when you uncover and utilise a proven system for progress.
  24. The investments you make in property education will encourage you to strive for ROIs.
  25. Inspire and lead others!

So, what should you do now?

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