Nicholas van Hoogstraten, once herald as Britain’s youngest millionaire, is a controversial property tycoon thought to be worth £500 million, with many assets scattered around the UK

He left school at 16 to join the Navy and to travel the world. His property investing journey began just a year later in the Bahamas when he sold his stamp collection and initially invested only £1000 in the local Bahama property market; his first low/no money down property purchase.

Rob Moore of Progressive Property started the same way, with none of his own money.

Once Hoogstraten he returned to the UK and from the profits he made from his Bahama property deals, he built up the majority of his capital base through a loan sharking business. He took property deeds as the backing capital. This enabled him to build up a substantial property portfolio along the South Coast and London, starting in Notting Hill and then moving on to Brighton.

Nicholas van Hoogstraten was Britain’s youngest millionaire by the age of 23 and had a property portfolio of more than 300 properties.

Just over 10 years later he prospered acquiring over 2000 properties during the 1980s’s housing boom. Later on in his career, he began the process of constructing Hamilton Palace which cost around £40 million.

In 2006 it was reportedly the most expensive private house built in Britain for a century, one year before Progressive Property started.

By the 1990’s Nicholas van Hoogstraten sold the majority of his housing stock, making massive profits which he invested in other areas such as global mining.

The property baron, although no stranger to his chequered past, has no plans to retire, but wants his son to be groomed to take over. This can be seen in various documentary’s that can be found on the internet.

He also believes “the whole purpose of having money is to put yourself on a pedestal”.  What’s your reason for attaining wealth?

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