We're Progressively Hiring…

Progressive is Progressive, Innovative, Personal and Prepared – A unique, rebellious, disruptive and non-uniform property education company like no other. Ever.

A career (for you) like no other… Join us at Progressive; a movement and revolution. Leading and training other (many, most, all) to break the shackles of boredom, frustration and just-above-poverty.

Join us at Progressive; a movement and revolution. Leading and training other (many, most, all) to break the shackles of boredom, frustration and just-above-poverty.

You get to showcase your passion, expertise and service as if it isn’t 'work.' Connect and serve customers that are more like friends; great people to be around who are grateful to learn from you and commit to action to be successful with you. Be a big important part of changing the face of education and training. Become wealthy in helping others become wealthy.

Please email our HR Manager Sue Smith, including your CV

The biggest pool of talent and passion rivalling Silicon Valley

Real, fun and addictively ambitious people who serve and change the property and business training landscape.

Work for bosses who aren’t bosses; fly in their helicopters, race in their cars, become part of the community-family that’s changing the world from Peterborough out.

Don’t be defined by rules or job descriptions. Blur the lines of work and play and pleasure. Be tested and pushed. Grow, learn and achieve. Create change.

We're Progressive perfectionists. Idealists. Investors. Inventors. Forward thinkers.

Forever tinkering and improving products and courses, processes and communities, always in pursuit of continual development – whether you’re analytical or creative, tech savvy or insightful, an investor or happy spender, there’s a home to share your talents to develop and inspire a whole property and business community.

What's it really like to work at Progressive Property?

A revolution. Disruptive. Passionately chaotic. Everyone as important as everyone. Fun and fast. Honest and challenging. No passion, no point. If you’re after just a job, Progressive is not for you.

Mean something – Matter – Live (at work)

Grow fast with more than 35 team members and counting; we're always looking for smart, dynamic and unique people with a healthy disregard for the impossible, who have passion for the Progressive vision to join the team. We're making (Progressive) property education more open, connected and accessible. Want to help?

At Progressive Property, great ideas have a way of becoming great educational products, services, and customer experiences very quickly. In your role and in any and every department from marketing to finance, you’ll serve as an inspiring leader, rallying to achieve your highest potential. But you’ll also be a doer, happy to roll up your sleeves and pitch in whenever duty calls for a team who do the same. We hire eclectic trailblazers, pioneers and people who want to be a part of something big and make a real impact.

We don’t have rules.

We have vision & values

Progressive Vision and Values: Progressive, Innovative, Personal and Prepared

The Progressive Vision: "To live a life of freedom and choice by making investment accessible to everyone."

The Progressive Mission: "Giving You All the Tools and Training You Need to Become a Full or Part Time Property Cashflow Investor"

When we say "be yourself", we mean it. Freedom to be great and make a real difference. At Progressive Property we value diversity. We're dedicated to creating an environment where you can be your authentic self, let your talent shine and share your own background, experience, perspective and ideas in a team that encourages creativity.

Progressive team Culture (As designed by the team, for the team)

  • A loyal team – We help and support each other, pushing each to do our very best.
  • Continual development – We all continue to learn, to expand our knowledge and thinking and grow together
  • Resourceful – We explore the different, innovative and creative. We strive for value and service
  • Passionate – We are passionate about what we do. It’s a lifestyle. We change people’s lives and we’re part of something that matters.
  • Professional – We maintain the highest level of professionalism from inside out
  • Results focused – We are a results driven business everything we do must have an outcome, achievement and ROI
  • Ambitious – We want to be the very best; in our roles, as a company, as a group of companies, as an industry, movement and revolution

We’re always open for talent. If you’ve got it, you’re in –Where else in the Peterborough universe are you going to find a Progressive Innovative company? Send your CV to… Apply now. Fast!