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Progressive Property - Educated Property Investment

Welcome to the Progressive Property website. We help people make money through property investment. Whether you are new to investing or a property professional we believe that Progressive Property can help you make more money and bigger profits through our property education.

Myself and my business partner Mark Homer have bought and sold over 400 properties. We founded Progressive Property in 2006 with the aim of teaching people how to make money through property investment. Since then we have educated 100,000's of people through our training events, authored 4 best selling books including my latest best seller, Life Leverage. We have also put together a range of property training Audio CD's.

If you are new to property investing we recommend reading our popular blog that we use to share nuggets of information in an easy to digest format.

We share a lot of information on this website free of charge that we hope will both educate and inspire you to take your property investing to the next level.

Real Successes

John Doe, , 2buy1click Ltd

We have just purchased our first property through PPP and have been very impressed with their professionalism…

Iron Man, , Marvel

I have a portfolio of 6 properties worth £1,000,000, equity of £406,000 and a net cashflow of over £1500 per month.

Man Of Stell, , Marvel

I found my first Joint Venture partner within the community which has expanded into a second which will net us £30,000 from one deal.

John Doe, , 2buy1click Ltd

In the Last 7 months on the VIP Programme I have raised £245,000 JV finance. My personal Portfolio is worth £1.8 million – Cashflow £6,000 net

Best Selling Books

testimonial_06Best Selling Authors with over 400 Properties Bought & Sold - Order your life changing books here and start your property education today.

Walkthrough Progressive HQ

Take A Walkthrough Progressive HQ With Co-Founder Rob Moore. Watch the video here.

Progressive Property Events - What's Coming Up?

beginner property secrets

Beginners Property Secrets

Unlock & learn rock-solid, time tested Property Investing systems giving the new investor the shortest route to property cashflow success. Book Now

How Progressive Can Help You

If you are looking to make money through property Progressive Property can help. We are the UK's leading property education company. We have a range of educational courses that cater for property investors from beginners with zero properties to investors with large portfolios looking to grow their business and generate more cashflow.

Our flagship event, Multiple Streams Of Property Income (MSOPI) has helped thousands of investors take the first step to financial freedom. Our "success stories" page shows how we have helped people just like you, often without any money build a profitable property business.

If you want to take the first step in property and want Progressive to help you can contact our new business team on 01733 898557.

Register for MSOPI


The Life Changing Multiple Streams of Property Income Live Event. The only event of its kind in the UK where multiple streams of property income are revealed in a full-on 3 day networking & training course. Book Now

Latest From The Blog

A Guided Tour of Live Properties - The Progressive Story

Rob Moore, Progressive Property co-founder takes you on a tour through some of the live properties in the Progressive portfolio.

Progressive Co-Founder Rob Moore Smashes World Record


Rob Moore smashes world record for worlds longest speech raising thousands for charity. Watch the video to find out more!

Whats New?

Whats New?

Whats New?