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A Progressive, innovative, personal community for any investor, Entrepreneur or individual wanting to make more money, invest in property or create a better life for freedom, choice and profit.

Welcome to the Progressive community. 10,000's of others before you have successfully invested in property for more cashflow, equity & pension provision, right here.

Progressive was built by property multi-millionaire co-founders Rob Moore & Mark Homer. Not self-styled guru's, but real life, active investor Entrepreneurs like you. They achieved freedom, choice & financial independence through property investing in their 20’s, and you can too, whatever age and financial situation you are in, now.

You can achieve the same results by following the exact property investing strategies and systems Rob & Mark have personally used since 2003.

Real Successes

John Doe, , 2buy1click Ltd

We have just purchased our first property through PPP and have been very impressed with their professionalism…

Iron Man, , Marvel

I have a portfolio of 6 properties worth £1,000,000, equity of £406,000 and a net cashflow of over £1500 per month.

Man Of Stell, , Marvel

I found my first Joint Venture partner within the community which has expanded into a second which will net us £30,000 from one deal.

John Doe, , 2buy1click Ltd

In the Last 7 months on the VIP Programme I have raised £245,000 JV finance. My personal Portfolio is worth £1.8 million – Cashflow £6,000 net

Best Selling Books

testimonial_06Best Selling Authors with over 400 Properties Bought & Sold - Order your life changing books here and start your property education today.

Walkthrough Progressive HQ

Take A Walkthrough Progressive HQ With Co-Founder Rob Moore. Watch the video here.

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beginner property secrets

Beginners Property Secrets

Unlock & learn rock-solid, time tested Property Investing systems giving the new investor the shortest route to property cashflow success. Book Now

Progressive Property Values

The Progressive values are  Progressive  |  Innovative  |  Personal

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Progressive stand for freedom, choice & profit. Progressive stand for long term sustainable investing, enterprise, innovation and the Entrepreneurial, self proactive spirit. Progressive stand for doing more of what you love, with who you love, when you want, thanks to income producing assets.

Progressive stand against being a wage slave, working in a job you hate for a boss you hate & never having the time to do what you love with who you love. Progressive stand against get rich quick schemes and scams, wasting money on cash draining liabilities & being a victim of a failed corporate & pension system.

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The Life Changing Multiple Streams of Property Income Live Event. The only event of its kind in the UK where multiple streams of property income are revealed in a full-on 3 day networking & training course. Book Now

A Guided Tour of Live Properties - The Progressive Story

Rob Moore, Progressive Property co-founder  takes you on a tour through some of the live properties in the Progressive portfolio.

Rob Smashes World Record


Rob Moore smashes world record for worlds longest speech raising thousands for charity. Watch the video to find out more!

Whats New?

Whats New?

Whats New?

Whats New?