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Welcome :-)


So another 6 weeks has passed already. I wouldn’t mind betting that it has flown by for you.
A lot has happened in the property world that should raise your eyebrows.

And with that has come more opportunity to profit when others may be struggling…

“House prices to soar over the next 5 years” Click here for article

“Average House Prices To Breach £300,000 In 5 Years” Click here for article

Imminent & Anticipated Book Release



How would you like to find all the property tips, secrets, strategies and truths all in one book
that is not the size of the Qur’an [Koran in digital version :-) or in the style of an interior designer!?

Well in a property first, all of the truths and secrets [and 6 years of personal experience in
buying and selling all types of property] have been written in one book.

Yes we wrote it! And yes you can buy it [but not yet – hold on there just one second].

The targeted release date is August 31st 2007. We shall only be printing 1500 books
[that might sound a lot, but in the book world that’s nothing apparently].

They will sell out. Most of those will go to friends and business associates, so if you would
like to reserve a copy [and get 11 free chapters & the book on pre-order] then click below now:

Progressive Book Pre-Release

Latest Property News

Guess what?! Nationwide’s index shows an average growth rate of 1.1%, the highest since
January 2005. This was much more than expected taking growth over the last year to 11.1%.
The society still predicts that house price growth for 2007 will be 5-8%….

For more on this article and the latest and most up to date reports on the property market,
interest rates and what that all means to you, your property portfolio and your money,

click here to read Progressive Blog

We have also found a very interesting article on new build property. We have been saying it for
years now, so it’s well worth a look: New Build Poor Performance

For more general news about what is going on in the property world click here for Property Week

Why Most People Don’t Do As Well As They Should In Property

Here are the top 6 reasons we have found why most people do not do anywhere near as well
as they should in property:

#1: They get too greedy [get lured by big promises and unrealistic claims]

#2: They don’t do their diligence [they get lazy or complacent]

#3: They don’t stick to 1 strategy [they are all over the place]

#4: They sell their assets instead of keeping them

#5: They listen to people who do not really know property [Rodney down the pub, the tabloids etc]

#6: They don’t take action [the sofa is too appealing]

For the full article click Bonus Property Course

How We Can Help You Now

Save £50,000 before Friday 10th August

If you have equity in your property then we can help you build a portfolio that you can retire on;
enjoying financial independence.


Did You Know

Investors don’t even make up 10% of the property market?
Just about anyone can get a mortgage without proof of income
Property values have only ever gone down in 4 of the last 55 years

Be well, take care

Mark and Rob



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Rich Bellars

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Dan Atkins

Anthony Richardson

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“The 44 Most Closely Guarded Property Secrets”

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