Commercial Property Excellence Online

With Mark Homer & Dan Eaton

Discover the secrets to commercial conversion success

What you will learn:
Why you may want to convert commercial property to residential
How you can use Government legislation to shortcut planning
What you need to look for and how to instantly assess if the project is viable
How you fund your Commercial Conversions
How you build your Power team to do the majority of the work
How you design and convert the building
Why now is the best time ever for you to learn this strategy.

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Take the guess work out of creating a superior product for your ideal end user

Investor presentation

The Investor Presentation provides both investors and brokers with all the the information they need to make an informed decision about the project.  This blueprint has contributed to raising over £6m for our various projects and takes the guess work out of working with both investors and financial institutions.

Commercial Deal analyser

More than just an analyser – this entire system will allow you to assess a deal from the outset – factoring in the amount of equity you will require for the deal, the senior debt, as well as the cost of those funds


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